35+ Best chrome extensions for your productivity

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Chrome Extensions for Designer, Developer, and marketer few tools that speed up workflow and save time. Google’s continuous development of the Chrome browser has brought it a long way over the years, made especially useful due to a massive collection of google chrome extensions. It is difficult to Find out what is the best chrome extensions and serve the need properly.Chrome’s developer tools enable designers, developers, Marketers to do more with fewer efforts. As a newbie to web design & with great enthusiasm, I started looking for the best chrome extensions that may come handy to web designer like me. I’m always looking for Chrome extensions that solve common web design and development problems quickly. I also made a question on some forum & got some experts to answer about the Chrome Extensions. After testing if the plugins are doing what they claim to do, I think I have found some I was looking for. Let’s have a peek at chrome plugins curated for you by the category of their respective use/case.

Best Chrome Extensions For Designer



If you want to measure the distance between elements on a website this chrome extension is perfect for you. It measures the dimensions of your mouse pointer up/down and left/right until it hits a border. No need to worry about pictures pixel. It doesn’t really work with images because there the colors change a lot pixel to pixel.


Visual Inspector — Inspect


Wanna get every inspects in one place & need to do live editing, then this chrome extension is for you. It shows font, color result from a site in a single place. And the changes can be reviewed by stakeholders in living.


Perfect Pixel


If you want to develop your website by per pixel accuracy, then Perfect Pixel Is the best chrome extension for this purpose. The developers develop it for web developers and markup designers. Though the extension is supported by AD, you can disable it from the options menu. It features the following convenience to the users.
Support multiple overly.

  • Separate overly for a separate website.
  • Support inversion and scaling.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Support the clipboard option for copy paste.
  • Support mouse wheel and keyboard arrow key.


Css Shack


For building layer style visually, CSS Shack is a must-have chrome extension. This plugin supports layers and contains a plethora. Besides creating layer style, you can export them into a single CSS file. By using CSS-Shack chrome extension, you can design a website, mockups, or button. It depends on your level of creativity.


CSS3 Generator


CSS3 Generator one of the best Chrome extension that helps to generate CSS codes. For working on some simple CSS things you may not need this but to get somewhat complex or hard-to-remember snippets of CSS code. It is pretty useful. With a couple of clicks, you can generate some pretty useful CSS. Preview it in the extension preview, then copy the CSS and paste the code into your real CSS file.

Features it’s included

Multiple text shadows
Hex/RGBA codes
CSS transforms
Borde Radii
Multiple box shadows
Css columns
Arrows (for tooltips)
Gradients (linear, radial…even striped)


CSS Viewer


When you see a beautiful element on a web page, the first thing you might want to do is inspect the element to figure out what kind of CSS and HTML the page uses. This method is messy though, and finding specific CSS code in the standard browser inspector can be fiddly. CSS Viewer details the CSS code for a web element in a beautifully categorized interface with sections for the fonts, colors, and other styles. All you have to do is install the extension and hover your mouse over an element.




You’ve stumbled upon a beautiful website design with a gorgeous font that you’ve never seen before, and you want to use it in your next design. But how are you going to find which font it is?

With this extension, just hover over it and find out instantly which font it is.

Click on any section of text to find out the Hex/RGBA value, weight, line-height, font style, and the font family. This chrome extension will also detect the services used for serving web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.

To embrace the new web font era, What Font also detects services used for serving the font. Now supports Typekit and Google Font API.


Google Font Previewer


Google Font Previewer is a very useful chrome extension for the web developer or designers while designing a website. By this chrome plugin, one can quickly find a font that will suit with your existing design. Apart from this, choosing a typeface from Google font API directory, you can apply it on the specified selector or on the entire page to check how it looks. On the other hand, if you always use the same fonts, you can favorite them for quick access.




Colorzilla is the best chrome extension for this type of tasks like Color Picking, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies. It’s an eyedropper tool for Google Chrome. It enables you to pick any color from a webpage with a couple of clicks. ColorZilla generates color palettes on-demand from any website, as well as saves recent colors with the color history feature.


Flat Colors Guide


Forgetting color codes is a common issue for designers. Moreover, it also slows down the level of productivity. If you face such kind of problems, then the Flat Color Guide chrome extension will be an excellent option to enhance your productivity level. This plugin helps you to find all the color code by a single click from the browser bar.


Eye Dropper


Pulling colors from web pages just like we pull colors in Photoshop is really fun. Eye Dropper allows you to pick a color from any webpage or from the advanced color picker. So that you can pull colors from web pages. It allows you to create color history and grab hex codes.


Light Shot


Lightshot is the best chrome extension for taking Screenshot .This chrome plugin is very lightweight and customizable. The user interface is immaculate and straightforward here. You can take a screenshot very quickly by just selecting the desired area of your monitor. However, besides taking a screenshot, it provides the following characteristics.
Edit the screenshot instantly.

  • Select any part of the screen.
  • Share the image within a few clicks.
  • Save in local storage or cloud drive.
  • Search option for the similar screenshot.
  • It is beneficial indeed to take screenshot effortlessly rather than other plugins or tools. The users strongly recommend them.


Fire Shot


Let your colleagues or friends comment about your design indicating a point visually. Capture the page as you want – full page, visible page or custom in different formats. Share a screenshot with your friend and let him comment indicating anywhere in the picture. It really helps a web designer or a noob web designer to improve there workes .




Without proper inspiration, a designer’s way of life would probably be extremely challenging. All designers go through creative dry spells from time to time. Muzli 2 offers design inspiration from your favorite sites compiled into one updating grid. The feed is customizable to show/hide specific content. It automatically turns into the homepage, that means every time you open a new tab or the browser. It keeps inspiring with great contents.


Best Chrome Extensions For Web Developer

Window Resizer


Window Resizer chrome extension is one of the best window resizers for web designers and developers. This one is completely customizable both in aesthetically and functionally. The people who use two or more monitor while working, for resolution testing purpose; it is a much-needed extension for them. You can add, delete or even customize the resolution list. You can set your desired height and width according to your necessary like how it will look in Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or iPad. This chrome extension features the export and import option that means you can use your extension setting. Apart from this, it has customizable global key shortcuts for your convenience.


Bootstrap Cheat Sheet


A considerable number of developers use bootstrap as it makes the development process more comfortable than before. But memorizing all the bootstrap class is a little bit tricky and wastage of time in some particular cage. This Bootstrap cheat sheet is one of the best chrome extensions that feature the syntax of all bootstrap classes and related code chronologically. To use it, you need one click on your desired class to copy it on the clipboard and paste on your text editor. It makes the coding process more user-friendly and less time consuming indeed.


HTML Validator


HTML Validator is one of the best chrome extension that checks the code and syntax of HTML5 page. It shows the number of errors with an icon on the browser status bar of an HTML page while coding. The algorithm which is originally developed by web consortium W3C is embedded inside of the browser. By this way, the validation is done completely on your computers without sending the data to a third-party medium. It classifies the HTML error into three categories.

  • Errors that it can’t fix or understand.
  • Errors that it can fix automatically.
  • Errors on accessibility.
  • Additionally, it has a cleanup button that provides you an error-free and cleaner version of your existing coding page.




EditThisCookie is the first cookie manager extension for google chrome, and even it is the best one till now. This extension features you to add, delete or edit the cookie effortlessly. Additionally, you can search and protect the cookie and even block a particular cookie for your browser. Moreover, you can import and export cookie besides creating a new one. You can also set a maximum age for a particular cookie by this popular extension. The cookie is a noticeable factor for a particular website for ensuring good user experience; this one is beneficial for the web designers and developers.




Wappalyzer is an open source cross-platform utility chrome extension by which you can detect which technology is used to develop a particular website. You can detect the specific type of content management system, web frameworks, e-commerce platform, analytics software, server software and so on by just a single click on the browser icon. Identifying the backend program of a specific website is crucial for the web designers and developers for the client and personal work. By this way, it makes the developers’ life easy and simple.


JSON Viewer


JSON Viewer is an open source Chrome extension which is used for printing JSON and JSONP. The JSON viewer is one of the fully customizable and splendid looking JSON/JSONP highlighters ever developed. You can use it for syntax highlighting with 27 built-in themes. You can customize both the theme and tab size for your convenience. Apart from this, it provides a lot of features that surely provides a ton of flexibility for your developing works.


Restlet Client


Restlet Client is a User-Friendly, organized and structured tool for testing REST API either manually or automatically. Also, it features the debugging option to debug API. The user experience is, and it is quite easy to use. The sections are, and the response is prompt. The most exciting feature is that it is integrated with the chrome. That means you do not need any third party tools to install. The import and export options provide more convenience to the developers. The primary function of Restlet Client’s are:
API Invocation and Interaction,

  • API Testing
  • API Automation
  • API Orchestration
  • A lot of developers rely on it for its impressive user experience and highly recommended for the developers.


React Developer Tools


React Developer is a debugging tool which is developed by Facebook for the developers. This developer chrome extension is focused on the open-source React JavaScript library. By using it, you can inspect the React component hierarchies in your chrome browser. This one is beneficial for the react developers to debug the react Js apps.


Vue.js devtools


Vue is an approachable, performant, versatile javascript framework that helps you to create a maintainable and testable code base. Vue.js devloper tools extension features an excellent debugging for Vue.js applications. Dev tools on application level are one of the killer features of Vue.js. With every release, it keeps going better to better. It boosts the productivity of the Vue developers by debugging quickly. Though some developers have faced the crashing problem on their Chrome browser, it is a must-have tool for the Vue developers.


Google Maps Platform API Checker


Google Maps Platform API Checker I one of the best mapping systems in the web offer by the google itself. It helps you to determine whether Google’s licensed Maps APIs is adequately implemented or not. To identify problems, you do not need to sift through code or JavaScript console. All the Technical issues are automatically displayed on the address bar icon. However, it comes with a straightforward interface, and it is to use. Highly recommended for the developers for its impressive user experience.


Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator


It is tough to find a developer or designers who do not use lorem ipsum for generating dummy text for his projects. If you want your designs or projects with data, then this chrome extension is for you. Undoubtedly, it helps to enhance your productivity and save your valuable time. By this extension, you can insert a variety of texts directly according to your need into the website. Also, you can save the dummy text copy to your clipboard. From the browser icon, you can generate the following functions by a single click.

  • Paragraph
  • Random or particular date
  • Website address
  • Email address

For generating date, you can customize the format of date according to your dummy text. This tool is also applicable for the website and email address. However, to use this tool you need not visit any external library or site. Highly recommended to Find all of your necessary dummies in a single extension.


Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy


Hotspot Shield is one of the frequently used and trusted VPN & Proxy servers to browse the blocked website from any part of the world. You can safely navigate the most popular site like Facebook, YouTube, twitter securely & privately with Hotspot! You don’t need to open an account mandatory like others VPN. You can start your journey just with a single click. Additionally, they recently feature like Ad Blocking, Cookie Blocking, Tracker Blocking and Malware Protection for ensuring safety browser. You will get some virtual location freely. To get the elite place, you need to subscribe to their premium plan. For quick access, you can rely on their optimal position. They have been featured on Forbes, CNET, CNN, New York Times.


Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer

SendPulse Chrome Extension

SendPulse Chrome Extension

Email remains one of the cornerstones of digital marketing even in the year 2020 and it’s important to follow trends in email design. This email Chrome extension by SendPulse helps marketers draw inspiration from their own inboxes. With the help of this little, handy tool you can choose any email in your Gmail inbox and save it as a PDF file, full-length screenshot or even an HTML email template. With a free SendPulse account, you can alter your saved templates and use them in your own marketing campaigns. No coding skills needed!




SEOquake is an entirely free chrome extension by which you can get all the primary SEO metrics to analyze your competitors. By assembling your free SEMrush account in SEOquake, you can see the Domain score (DS) and trust Score (TS) for a webpage. Apart from this, it facilitates the keyword difficulty, mobile compatibility status along with the SEO audit of a webpage.
It provides you the number of total links of a SERP result with social signal data including Facebook and Google+. However it is straightforward to install, and you will get all the necessary data in a box including Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo Index, SEMrush links, SEMrush backlinks by domain and hostname, Alexa Rank, Web archive age, SEMrush Rank, SEMrush SE Traffic, SEMrush SE Traffic price, SEMrush Video advertising and so on.


Keywords Everywhere


Keywords Everywhere is an excellent Chrome extension that provides you the number of searches for every search phrase. It provides search volume for 15+ different website like Google, Google Analytics, Google search console, googles trends, MOZ, Majestic, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, answer the public, keyword shitter, Soovle.com and so on.
To start with Keyword Everywhere install the addons on your browser and validate the API key. You can get a global search volume or country wise search volume by selecting a country from the setting option.


Link Redirect Trace


Backlink plays a role like a boss in the marketing industry. And domains not only have the backlinks only, but they have redirects links also that forward a visitor to one link to another one. If you are looking for an effective way to track the redirects link while browsing for your safety or SEO analysis, then Link Redirect can be the right choice for you. You can fix on the page and off page issue, checking your competitors and affiliates links and so on. Even you can identify the hackings link also. Moreover, it ensures you a good user experience




No-follow and Do follow links are one of the essential parts of on-page optimization as they control the passing of link juice internally or externally in a website. NoFollow – Best chrome extensions to help you identify specific links whether it is no follow or do follow. Also, it outlines the external links. You can disable or enable this extension for particular websites. Installing process is simple, and it describes the no follow links instantly after installing. It is available for Chrome, Mozilla and Opera browsers.




MozBar is one of the best chrome extension to do in-depth research for SEO. Mozbar provides you an instant metrics of Page authority, domain authority and links for the specific page while you are surfing on your browser. You can do in-depth research on the backlinks with Mozbar. Like how many links the page get, what are the PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) of the website from where the page gets the backlinks. Also, you can check whether it is no-follow or do follow links. By subscription of a premium plan, you will get some additional features like keyword difficulty, on page optimization and other option.


Page Load Time


Page Load Time is both for the developers and marketers’ tool to identify the ac actual time to load a specific web page. The developers of the extension use the timing API to manage it correctly. This extension provides exact loading time for any webpage. That means you can easily understand it should or should not I optimize my website for loading speed. It is compatible with the old version of Chrome browser also. As this project is under MIT license, it is entirely free to use.




Do you want to spy on your competitor’s website’s statistics and strategy? Similarweb is such kind of extension that allows knowing in depth of a website by a single click. You can see the key metrics of a website including traffic source, traffic ranking, engagement rate and ranking of the keyword. That means you can understand the popularity and engagement of a website quickly with a primary traffic source. It can reveal a new era of opportunities by understanding the behavior of consumers. So, SimilarWeb can be a good companion for the marketers, developers, investors for researching purpose.




Whoever does not know that content is the king for any business? If you are looking for an idea for generating content that has an impact on the consumers, then Impactana chrome extension can be a good option for you. It provides you the Buzz metrics of specific content for the Facebook, google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn share and tweets in a single row. Apart from the stunning feature, you can see the comments, clicks, download, views, domain and page authority of a single page. By using this extension, you can instantly share a webpage to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and google+. Also allow you to save the article in your pocket account share through HubSpot, Buffer, and email. It is a goldmine for a marketer.


Tag Assistant


Tag assistant is developed by Google which helps you to fix various google tags like Google analytics, google tag manager and many more. Tag assistant ensures all of the googles tags are validated in your webpages. Tag assistant will notify all the error and validate tags while you browsing a webpage. Apart from the reporting, it also suggests how you can improve the tags. So, it is an excellent tool for on-page optimization in case of SEO.


Check My Links


Broken links are a crucial issue for the webmasters along with the marketers. Finding a broken link manually from a webpage is a tough job indeed. Check my links chrome extension can be the best option in this case. After installing it on your browser, when you open a webpage, it automatically craws and finds the broken links if it exists. Additionally, you can copy all the broken links in your clipboard by just one click. You can save your valuable times by using this super-fast extension without any hassle.


Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker


We spend many times on the internet for shopping, learning, entertainment, catch up with our loving one and so on. We hope an easy and smooth user experience while browsing a website, but it is not always. Most of the website mess up with lots of ads. Ghostery; a robust ad blocker which ensures you an AD and tracking free browsing experience along with a quick browsing experience.
It provides you the following convenience.
Ghostery allows you a safe browsing experience with preventing the collection of your data and behavior by the third party website.
It enables you to experience multiple display and insight dashboard.
It allows you a relatively faster website loading speed with the smooth browsing experience.




Grammatical error-free writing is a severe case for the non-native. Grammarly is a free Chrome extension which allows you an enhanced quality and error-free written communication everywhere you type on the internet. By installing this extension, you can write grammar and spelling mistake free content in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, messages, documents, and social media, and so on platform. It does not only fix your spelling and grammatical issue, but also suggest the synonym, punctuation, and advanced option while writing. With its premium feature, you can upgrade your writing skill at a pro level.




The loom is one of the best screen and webcam recorder extension ever. You can record your screen by three different ways like screen + cam, the monitor only and cam only. Apart from this, whether you want to register your full desktop or the current tab only, just put your command by a single click. Also, you can record with or without microphone option. It provides you the following specifications.
Very high-quality video.

  • Unlimited storage opportunity.
  • Sharable link of the video.
  • Embedding opportunity.
  • Video in MP4 format.
  • No recording limitations.


You can also find interest Bootstrap Alternative Frameworks

Although this list offers only a small sampling of free chrome extensions that cater to designers, Developers, and marketers it highlights some of the most user-friendly, powerful and practical extras.
You may be familiar with some of these Chrome extensions and may have come across some of the new ones. All of these offers their own usability benefits that save times.

I tried to find out the chrome plugins that work for a specific requirement . Now there are few new ones which bundle most of these functionalities under one. Mostly everyone tensed about the usage of ram that Chrome does. So, I tried Visual Inspector that’s true to its sayings. Because of a single extension process chrome kills much less memory. Better, try yourself & let you decide what to choose and what not.

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