Best 20+ Bulma Themes for 2022 (Free & Premium)

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Bulma is another most popular and well-developed CSS framework. It is highly optimized and suitable for developers who are looking for alternatives to bootstrap. It has a large number of pre-made functionality that reduces the developer’s valuable time. Making a web app flexbox based on the Bulma framework is great as a CSS framework. Ready to Use template is another step ahead feature. If you don’t want to build your site from scratch and have a tight budget then you can choose a Bulma theme for your project and customize it as your requirement.

But finding a quality Bulma theme is a painful task indeed because the market is saturated with thousands of useless templates. Thinking about the Bulma lover community, we made a research to find out the best Bulma themes and UI kits to save your valuable time and money. Spending quality time, we made a shortlist of Bulma templates and Components that are are worthy and user-friendly. I hope this list will help you a bit and make your professional life easier. So let’s see the list.

Kross – Bulma Portfolio Template

Kross - Bulma Portfolio Template

Kross is a fully free creative portfolio template. Its home page is very nicely illustrated and crafted. It has all the features that you need to build a portfolio website. This theme is made fully responsive by using Bulma and perfectly fit on all size of the screen. If you are a designer, artist, developer or any creative professional you can use this template without hesitation.

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Nephos – Bulma Ecommerce Template

Nephos - Bulma Ecommerce Template

Nephos is a complete set of Bulma Ecommerce Frontend Kit that has been crafted with some awesome readymade features. you can start your eCommerce application with Nephos immediately as it includes all sets of necessary and additional features. That is why you can create all the necessary pages like product grids, account pages, cart, checkout and more in no time with this feature-rich Bulma theme.

Moreover, Nephos is a developer-friendly template that is powered by GulpJs that smoothly runs in the nodeJs environment. Surely, you will enjoy a new level of developing experience with this handcrafted theme. Anyway, the key features of Nephos are:

  • 22 Demo pages
  • 6 Default themes
  • Easy to customizable
  • Gulp configuration
  • Development server and dependency management

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Friendkit -Best Bulma Themes

Friendkit -Best Bulma Themes

Friendkit is a social media UI kit that is based on Bulma, Saas, and Gulp. It comes with clean code, semantic Html and Auto prefixing. So do not worry about dealing with code. Besides, it also includes UI details for an enhanced
experience. styled autocomplete, Picro popovers, beautiful widgets are special features of Friendkit.

Besides, Friendkit includes all the necessary components like forms, buttons, modals, uploaders and many more. Also, it comprises a premium Fancyapp’s awesome Fancybox3 custom lightbox plugin. That means you can save $30 with this package. Anyway, the key features of this template are:

  • 28 App starters
  • 300+ Components
  • Structured Styles and semantic HTML and CSS
  • Includes Graphic assets

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Bulkit -Best Bulma Templates

Bulkit -Best Bulma Templates

Bulkit is another Bulma theme that is developed for startups and companies. Bulkit is particularly built for software and saas products. This multifunctional package includes reusable and customizable features that are fit for almost all purposes.

Also, Bulkit comes with premium icons that are more than 2000 in number. Also, its theming capabilities and modular core make this template special. With this package, you will get 500+ components and graphics assets. Anyway, the main features of this template are:

  • 60 Demo pages
  • 60+ SCSS files
  • 30+ Js files including 3rd party plugins and libraries
  • 45 Component pages
  • Graphic assets
  • Easy to customize

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Krypton – Best Free Bulma Themes

Krypton - Best Free Bulma Themes

Krypton is a single page or landing page template that is based on Bulma. A most important feature of Krypton is that it comes under the MIT license. That means it is free to use. Even you can sell this template also. Besides Bulma, Krypton comes with npm and gulp. Also, it comes with regular updates. In spite of being a free template, the developer of this template updates the issue regularly. So, without any hesitation, you can consider this template.

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Shifter – Bulma Landing Page Templates

Shifter - Bulma Landing Page Templates

Shifter is another professional minimal and isometric landing page template from Cssninja. Like the previous one is this one is developed with the Bulma framework. Moreover, the appearance of this single-page Bulma template is so appealing because you can use both the dark and light versions just by switching on or off the button. It’s really cool I think.

Also, this one is a developer-friendly single-page template where you have the flexibility to create a new one in a few minutes or redesign the theme from scratch. As Shifter comes with the isometric design and Crypto imagery and iconography, you can use this template for developing a crypto blog or others. Anyway, the main features of this template are:

  • Single page Bulma template
  • Isometric design
  • Crypto imagery and iconography
  • Nice looking illustration

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Dashkit – Bulma Dashboard UI Kit

Dashkit - Bulma Dashboard UI Kit

The dashboard is a must-have tool for true professionals to monetize the productivity and performance of their business. That is why you need something special here to get all the data under the same umbrella. However, Dashkit is a Bulma-based dashboard that comes with marvelous features and elements. And this incredible dashboard is creatively crafted and designed so that you can use this one for as many purposes as possible. That means this one is a one-stop solution for your dashboard problem.

Anyway key features of this template are:

  • Bulma dashboard with numerous features
  • 34 Demo pages
  • Handcrafted UI solid layouts
  • Modular code and theming capabilities
  • Reusable widgets

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Biron – Free Bulma Templates

Biron - Free Bulma Templates

Biron is a free Ghost blog theme that is developed based on Bulma. although it is a free theme, here you will get a lot of features and functionality. Also, the appearance of this Bulma blog template is minimal and outstanding. It comes with content focused layout with very neat and clean documentation.

However, you can use this single-page template for gaming, news, business or other blog purposes. You can provide
specific information and resources as this one is a landing page. anyway, the key feature of this free Bulma template

  • Free Bulama Landing page
  • Responsive ghost blog theme
  • Minimal and clean design
  • Email subscription, social media integration and navigation style

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Pageo – Bulma One Page Business Template

Pageo - Bulma One Page Business Template

Pageo is another one-page business template and this one is also based on Bulma. this template is clean and smart. It includes a few features which are much needed only. That is why you can provide to-the-point resource to your users.

Moreover, it comes with a sticky header and super responsive features. The main features of this template are service, about, team and contact sections. so, if you are looking for a very clean and fresh template for a portfolio for individuals and companies, you can consider this one.

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Hexalight – Bulma Admin Dashboard Template

Hexalight - Bulma Admin Dashboard Template UI

Admin template UI kit helps you to get in detailed data about your websites as well as your business. Hexalight is a Bulma admin template UI kit that comes with a very stunning and clean appearance. This feature-rich template includes enormous elements and functionality. Here you will get different layouts like hidden menu, content, Menu and page header.

Besides these features, it also includes different UI kits. Also, you have the flexibility to see various types of data like browser data and others. Some extra pages like a blank page, 404, 500, gallery page, and other pages make this template special indeed.

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Landspeed – Responsive Bulma Template

Landspeed - Responsive Bulma Templates

Landspeed is a product of Bulmastyle who are dedicatedly worked with Bulma. You already know that Bulma is an
open-source and resourceful library to develop a complete website from scratch. The main features of Landspeed are clean
UI design, fast performance, and simple UX. Besides the front-line features, you will get almost all the updated and necessary features here. also, this one is responsive and compatible with all smart devices and browsers. combination of blue and white color make this template special and royal.

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Finance Beam – Bulma Business & Corporate Template

Finance Beam - Bulma Business & Corporate Template

Looking for a corporate Bulma template for your existing or upcoming corporate startup? Well, in this case, Finance Beam can be a good solution indeed. Because this template is exclusively developed for corporate purposes.

However, Finance Beam is a single-page template with a neat and clean appearance. Although It does not include so many features, this one is effective to show specific resources and information to your audience. The main features of this template are News, contact and about us section. Also, the home page comes with a smart slider so that you can show different catchy images with information.

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Stash – Bulma Template For Landing Page

Stash - Bulma Template For Landing Page

App landing pages are important for mobile application developers who want to promote their applications commercially. Stash is a stylish app landing template that is crafted with only the necessary elements and features. You can creatively promote your product with this Bulma app landing theme.

However, the main feature of this template features, screenshots, team, and contact. Besides, you can offer to download your items to your clients. So, you can consider this template as a complete app landing template for your upcoming applications or existing ones. So, you may try this one without any hesitation.

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Parallax – Bulma Landing Page Template

Parallax - Bulma Landing Page Template

Parallax is a Bulma landing page template that is suitable for corporate or businesses. That means you can promote a
specific product or item with this template easily. Here the author offers unlimited HTML pages and various functional features. it also includes minified and unminified JavaScript.

However, this template is developer-friendly. This package includes compiled CSS and SAAS files. To get more ideas you can have a look at the demo version of this premium Bulma corporate landing page template.

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Drive – Bulma Services & Gallary Template

Drive - Bulma Services & Gallary Template

Autozone is a car landing page template and this one is another masterpiece Bulma landing page template from Bulmastyle. This Bulma template comes with about, service, gallery and contact page. All the menus come with different pages.

Anyway, the overall appearance of Autozone is mindblowing. Its dark background with images makes this template special and catchy. You can offer car-related service with this template. besides the regular features, you have the flexibility to customize this theme without facing any hassle.

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April – Bulma Startup Landing Page Template

April - Bulma Startup Landing Page Template

Looking for a portfolio Bulma template? well, you may choose April. It is an impressive, neat, and clean portfolio
landing page. its inbuilt simple illustration with professional design makes this portfolio template suitable for any
professionals. You can simply present your testimonial and reason for hiring you or your company here.

You will get 1 HTML file and font awesome icons with this package. Though this template does not come with a lot of functionality and features, you can consider this template for its clean and content-focused layout.

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