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Drag and Drop system of website building is a matter of moments spending with real interest. It is exciting that today making a website is quite easy and simple without writing any code. You just drag the blocks into place, configure and edit the copy, and then your website will be constructed. It’s a browser based website building tool that uses the ready-made building blocks to make the website simply and quickly.

Here there is no hassle of coding of HTML for designing and developing a website. It will provide you an innovative idea of creating a website in a short span of time. Here you will get a better experience than before you have. You can start the drag and drop site building with log into your control panel and by clicking the Drag and Drop Site Builder option.

Though you will be familiar with plenty of drag and drop website builder, you should be keen in selecting one for your own. Following are the 6 innovative and work worthy drag and drop website builders tool; you will of course be more cheerful at working with them;


site123 builder

If drag and drop website builder is easy as it is, Site123 makes it even easier with its design assistance. When you sign up, all you need to do is answer a few questions about what it is that you want, which category, and select the overlay of the website. Once that is complete, you upload your content and your website is ready to go. They have a huge and extensive list of templates that you can pick from, so whether you’re a professional blogger or a small digital house, Site123 has got you covered. Site123 ensures that you get what you want, looking great but with the least bit of hassle. You simply cannot go wrong with this builder if you’re a small to mid range company.



UCraft Website Builder

The Ucraft motto goes like: Better websites, Faster, Together, and it’s definitely true for this easy-to-use drag and drop website builder. It gives everyone an opportunity to craft professional-looking websites for their personal brands without any coding or designer skills. It’s good both for web newbies and pros due to the intuitive UX and quite advanced functionalities.

From killer landing pages to artsy portfolios, local business websites to online stores, Ucraft covers it all, with responsive design and powerful features in mind. You can even create a logo for your brand without leaving this platform, as they have a Logo Maker Tool within a hand’s reach.All you need to do is choose a designer template that fits your vision, customize the content and add your signature touch to make your website look unique and credible.


When they say “together”, they mean it. The enthusiastic team behind the project is doing their best to enhance your website building process by constant updates and fixes. Plus they provide 24/7 support just in case you get stuck in the middle of something.


The only sore point one can stumble upon is the lack of templates available. Ucraft provides you with around 80 designer templates with different schemes like blogging, eCommerce, restaurant, photography, etc., but specific business owners might not find exactly what they need. You can change the existing templates the way you want adding your unique content and customizing every single element and block, though, so if you’re down for a little extra work, Ucraft can be a real pick.


Divi WordPress Builder

Divi WordPress Website Builder

The divi builder is one of the top players in the website builder industry with a blazing fast editor which is not just famous for its speed but also its intuitiveness, with a real time design and ability to customize everything, it is one of the most favorites on this list.


  • You can custom anything with the Divi builder, starting from the Fonts to the colors, even the spacings for making your content stand out. The builder allows for custom CSS to be applied if that’s your thing.
  • Divi has an insane active user community that is out there to help you with any query that you might have
  • Enormous value for money. The customers have a track record of getting regular updates making the builder more and more amazing with an amazing and passionate team in the background.
  • Enormous multilingual options


  • The bloated coding in the back sometimes has an adverse affect on the SEO
  • Incompatibility with some WordPress plugins
  • It might get a little complex to shift from one theme to another



designmodo website builder

Developing and designing of the website is the most repeated volume of trendy work. You can enjoy here with the most celebrated the DesignModo. The DesignModo has been exploring itself with a wide range of task variety of design, web development with premium products and quality freebies. It’s the greatest place of informative material for designers and web developers. It provides highly rated user interface packs of web design and development, tips and tutorials,

WordPress and such. But you will feel more comfortable with its drag and drop system of website creating.



webflow website builder

As you are eagerly searching for a responsive tool to make your desired website, you can choose the Webflow for getting a professional one without writing any code. It’s the well professional drag and drop tool constructed for developing a website. It has been using responsive web design best practice. Through this innovative platform, you can create the social plug-ins, contact forms, animation interactions and such. So, get one of the responsive website templates today from Webflow.


  • The flexibility of the builder to allow its site to run on any server and not just its own is an added feature that it allows. All you need to do is export the code and upload it to your CMS of choice.
  • The choice of typography for this builder is very wide ranging from the ever so popular Google Fonts to Adobe fonts and the best part is, you can even upload your own fonts.
  • Making complex and feature rich forms via webflow is super easy.
  • The ability to use custom interactions and animations is another great thing about this builder as it lets you make any of these animations in just 4 steps.


  • The pricing is a little steep in its stead
  • If you’re looking to make an E-commerce site, this is not the builder for you as it does not have that functionality .
  • The marketing tools in use are a little backdated and very basic



blocksapp website builder for mac

Since you love the simplicity of web developing, your best platform is the ‘Blocsapp.’ It has the simplest way to build a well looked website. It brings a fresh new approach to build modern, quality, static websites without the need to understand or write code. It is quite able to deliver a new level of clarity and focus helping you build websites faster. Enjoy the intuitive, fast, responsive and easy to use approach of the fantastic kind of website building site that is Blocsapp.


  • Ability to choose from any bloc that you can just put together to easily make the structure of the website.
  • The search menu that lets you modify any element that you want to come back to at any point of time when you’re building the website.
  • Blocs lets you create and put any CSS attributes that you wish for your site.


  • The builder is not bug free and you may notice it from time to time as you work with the builder for extensive purposes.



snappages minimal website builder

As the name suggests, Snappages is “snappy” in everything it does. Whatever design you choose of it, it will come out looking top notch and extremely professional so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’d be sure to get just that. They’ve been featured in numerous tech blogs like Mashable, the Next web, Entrepreneur and so much more.


  • A very sharp editor with a beautiful pop-in animation.
  • Ready for being crispy on retina displays.
  • A very good looking collection of templates to choose from which are totally updated with recent developments in style and mobile ready


  • Still needs to be polished in some areas like the ability to change the spacing between elements.
  • More visual effects in some areas like how the gallery is displayed.
  • Does not support Ecommerce.



weebly most popular website builder

Weebly is different than the others in the sense that it doesn’t let you manage all the elements within the builder but it is more like tradeoff that you’re more likely to enjoy if you’re extremely nitpicking about everything. It has been in use by over 30 million people who love it and you probably will too.


  • Even though a lot of builders claim that they’re the easiest to use in the world, Weebly actually makes sure that the statement is absolutely true when using it .
  • Weebly has a brilliant app center from which you can add any sort of element into the website without having to go through a lot of hassle. All you need are a couple of clicks.
  • Weebly has a fantastic team management system where you can just assign work to others as you please and have it all in the same place and the management tool is very handy and useful too.


  • Weebly is still not supporting the ability to make websites in multiple languages.
  • If you like total freedom over how the site works and looks, Weebly might not be the best alternative for you.
  • You cannot move the items on the site around as you please. But the structure they provide is pretty great and professional and if you wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time figuring out how to make the layout, Weebly is a very good bet.



jimbo website builder used my millions

An E-commerce focused website builder, perhaps one of the best to get the particular type of website done. Based in Germany, it is a multilingual supportive builder with over 20 million websites created on it.


  • You can build a fully functional website with the free version and if you wish to stay, there is no need to upgrade to a premium pack for most people. That’s a lot of plus.
  • Extremely well supported for Multilingual users .
  • An exceptionally well built E-commerce platform .
  • Over 120 templates to choose from.


  • Manual arrangement needed for making the website mobile friendly.
  • Cannot change design of website after the initial selection.
  • The styling options are not the most flexible unless you know how to change them with your custom codes.
  • Not exactly drag and drop



wix professional website builder

Wix is perhaps the most well known website builder on this list. And for a good reason too. It has over 90 million websites built with it and is amazing for anyone willing to get started be it a small business, a small business or a full fledged E-commerce store.


  • The Wix templates and their designs. Regardless of what industry you hail from, Wix already has a large number of well and pre-built website layouts thus further reducing how much work you have to do. Oh and the designs are absolutely stunning.
  • One of the few website builders that let you go to town with animations.
  • Allows further widgets to be added from the App market so that you can integrate your favorite elements to really spice up the look of your website.
  • Supports 16 languages
  • A LOT of freedom that you may not get to experience with other builders.
  • Provides Artificial Design Intelligence


  • Requires manual arrangement of elements for mobile viewing.
  • Does not allow you to switch themes back and forth. You get stuck with the template that you pick. So be careful with your selection.


Therefore, keep your website upgraded with enjoying the usability delivering by the above mentioned innovative and high fashioned drag and drop system of website builders. Your valuable time and money will be more interactive with these responsive and quality tools. Well approach and user friendly features you will of course appreciate the website makers with getting the practical experience.

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