25+ Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2019

Admin dashboard Template

When you develop a website, you need an admin panel to manage website content seamlessly. Previously, people build dashboard writing codes manually. After the invention of Bootstrap frontend framework, developers seldom ground up a website and site admin panel to save their valuable. Because Bootstrap CSS3 framework comes with all essential components, that you need to build a website frontend and backend. Just accommodating all contents, a responsive Bootstrap enabled website can be created in no times. Nothing different happens when you develop a Bootstrap admin template for your site management.

When you can successfully develop a Bootstrap dashboard template, it can fit can be fit inside in the iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop, and other viewing devices easily. On top of that, all the default theme components are clean and look posh give you unique user experience that you never imagine. Basically, free Bootstrap 3 templates are the same as regular themes except for two things. Firstly, the admin panel only visited by the site owner and those who are connected with site management. To kick in the management successfully, it requires login/authentication.

Subsequently, the theme is included with numerous graph and charts to show a variety of analytics. If you don’t have time to develop the backend theme spending your valuable time, don’t there are a lot free bootstrap backend templates are available. You can download the theme that suits your requirements precisely.

But getting the such a Bootstrap admin template theme that comes with all the intended facilities is elusive. So, I put together the best bootstrap admin templates for your consideration.

Pick The Best Free Bootstrap Admin Template

The look and features of these admin templates are different. Find the best match according to your site branding and your site elements. Explore each detail of this theme individually so that you can get your desired Bootstrap admin theme easily.

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Editor’s Pick : Arvid – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


Arvid is a compact and sleek Bootstrap Cryptocurrency Admin Dashboard Template. It comes with both in a single and double column layout. The royal appearance of this template surely grabs the attention of the users. Arvid comes with box, boxed
width, and full-width containers. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred background from the light and dark background. Apart from these, it features mailbox, calendar, and profile also.

Arvid is a creative and perfect admin dashboard for Cryptocurrency. The developers include all the necessary features for a Cryptocurrency website. It provides a lot of customizable UI and elements for creating an excellent admin dashboard. It also features some unique features like fully automated workflow with a gulp, updating the full project with a gulp, NPM based project development, and developer friendly coding.

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Focus – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a modern and trendy admin dashboard template, you can try Focus. Almost all the content management system contains the Admin dashboard template to notified with the update.
Admin dashboard templates were not very user-friendly in the previous. As it is the same important as the front end you should go for the flexible choice.
However, finding the best free bootstrap admin dashboard template for download is not an easy job. Luckily, Focus comes with almost all the necessary features. It allows you to add graphics, buttons, charts, alerts, and tables along with other necessary elements in your dashboard. With this perfect looking bootstrap dashboard template you can do your job in a smart way.

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Gradient Able – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Panel Template (Free Download)

bootstrap admin panel template free download

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Quixlab – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


Quixlab is an elegant and eye-catchy bootstrap admin dashboard template. Its pre-built dashboard design allows you a wide variety of customizable option. While it comes to consider the modules and elements of dashboard template probably Quixlab will not disappoint you.
The layout of Quixlab comes with a lot of variety so that you can choose the right option for your projects. The application section module allows you to add inbox, read, compose, profile, calendar, and charts, UI components, widget forms, table and pages, graphs, buttons, tabs, and many options easily.
The charts section includes a wide variety of chart option, including float, Morris, chartjs, chartist, and so on. To design your main dashboard effectively, Quixlab provides a library of page templates for registration, login and profile pages and many more for your convenience.
However, Quixlab is a multi-purpose bootstrap dashboard template that will surely go with a wide variety of projects.

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Paper Dashboard – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Professional Programmers and web developers try to spend their time in Github. They are always found in the search of the useful application for contribution or download. When it comes with bootstrap admin HTML5 template, they try to find them in open source repository first. If you are among those, I can recommend you a bootstrap 3 admin theme for personal and commercial usage. The theme comes with a login page, sign up, Full Calendar, Statics and chart, button and Icons, WYSIWYG and HTML 5 editor, Form Plugins, Tables and Bootstrap data Tables, and sleek UI interface.

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Basix – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template (VUE JS)

free bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template

Basix is another free dashboard website template. it is based on the vuejs bootstrap4 framework. The loading speed of this template is super-fast as it is developed by facebook’s front end js framework.
Basix includes more than 80 components variation with 2000+ icons. This innovative template contains tons of premade pages and components here. You do not need to design anything from your own side to run it. You will find some notable variation in the live chart options. This rich dashboard template contains 60+ widgets. You can check this unique one for your website.

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Bootstrap admin dashboard template

Material Dashboard – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

The design of Material dashboard is Google Material inspired clean and beautiful HTML5 Admin and bootstrap theme. The backend theme looks sleek and fabulous, packed with charts, table, panels, calendars, notifications and other 15 pages so that you can do more with this free bootstrap dashboard theme.

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Datta Able – Bootstrap Admin dashboard Template Free

Free bootstrap 4 admin dshboard template

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular – Free Dashboard Template

Creativetim brought Light Bootstrap admin template, featured with flat design interface and modern mobile ready functionality. To make your website attractive and secured the theme incorporate W3C validated codebase, Google fonts, Chats plugin, DataTable, Smooth scrolling, Font Awesome and more.

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Robust – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Robust is another dedicated elegant design inspired open source bootstrap admin theme. The design of this template has two column layout enabled. The left side has artistic navigation. The right has dedicated working ground which creates sleek analytics. The analytic can inform you about a total number of visitors, total sales, orders, visitors, weekly statistics, users, to do list and more.

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Sleek – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Free bootstrap admin dashboard template

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Xtreme Admin Lite

Bootstrap admin dashboard template free

Xtreme Admin Lite is carefully handcrafted bootstrap dashboard template. It comes with nice and modern colors and great design elements, which will help your project looks stunning to your customers. Its build with latest bootstrap version and with modular design structure. You can use it free for your personal project, while if you want to use it for a commercial project, we recommend you to visit its premium version, which has varieties of features in a great price.

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Admin BSB – Free Material Design Dashboard Template

Admin BSB Material Design is brought you a clean admin dashboard theme for your web apps. To give a unique test of using the free template, Admin BSB Material Design incorporates tons of features to impress you. The backend bootstrap theme is assembled with 17 page including new inbox page and new timeline page. Moreover, Admin BSB Material Design can give extraordinary experience. Curious to know the reason, right? Because it has new admin layout and metro chat layouts combined at core.

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Ample Admin Lite

free bootstrap admin dashboard themes

Ample Admin is one of the most used admin templates by tons of users, with 5-star ratings of more than thousands of users. Its been downloaded by 35k+ developers and its still going strong. We fully recommend to use Ample Admin for your admin/dashboard panel project and present strong visuals to your client and customers. Its built-in Bootstrap 3 and 4 both, which allows you to create your project in any bootstrap version.

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Tabler – Free Bootstrap simple Admin Template

free bootstrap simple admin template

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Matrix Admin – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Free

Matrix Admin is versatile admin panel template is the excellent creation of wrappixel. The dashboard theme is simple, minimal, and lightweight can save you valuable time easily. The design ofMatrix Admin is bootstrap flat admin template. If you are looking for such a template with featured pregnant functionalities, this backed theme can give a great treat. Curious to the reason, right? It’s because behind a couple of powerful technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Media Queries, Bootstrap 3 and flat design.

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Star admin – Clean Admin Dashboard Templat

free clean admin dashboard template

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JANUX is multipurose and responsive admin template, equipped with Bootstrap 3.1 framework, HTML5, CSS3 and sleek frontend. The admin theme is best web applications including SASS, CRM, CMS, eCommerce backends. dashboards and more. If you’ve prior experience of using such an admin tool, you can tailor it for managing business, eCommerce, corporate, portfolio, and blog.

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Shards – Dashboard UI Kit

Free Bootstrap admin dashboard ui kit

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MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite

free Bootstrap4 admin dashboard templates

WrapPixel made MaterialPro with goal of making designers and developers life easy while creating an application or admin panel for their project. As MaterialPro is perfect in terms of design and structure, it will be right fit to create any project quickly. Also there is Premium version available of this lite version, which has lots of more features and variations in affordable price. MaterialPro is created with latest bootstrap version and HTML5 / CSS3. Also, WrapPixel offers dedicated professional support.

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Monster Admin – Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Monster Admin is colorful and nice looking admin dashboard template. The design is simple and clean, can fit with all viewing screens including mobile phone, desktop, laptop, notebook, iPhone, tablet and more.Monster Admin comes with catchy graph and charts to present your site valuable data in a catchy way, can fit with your requirements with ease. The template is best for keeping online eCommerce analytics. It can track your site visit, sales, comment, and weekly visit. On top of that, the template has is feature packed, gluted with tables, panels, forms, muti-level dropdown, chats and more.

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Purple – Bootstrap Admin dashboard

Bootstrap4 admin dashboard theme free download

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SB Admin – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme

SB admin is jQuery plugin packed bootstrap admin template, featured with simple and minimal UI interface. The backend theme is awesome, supplied with admin compoentents including charts, tables, forms, bootsrap element, bootstrp grids, dropdown, and RTL. The template would be the best match for those who want manage their eCommerce team. It can track total comments on product, new taks, new order, and support tickets.

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E Admin – Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Edmin is best bootstrap admin template powered by modern JQuery plugins. The clean backend template is easy to use and customize, can fit with any of business requiprement with fun. The backend template has abudent supply of modern technologies including HTML, CSS, sleek typography, forms, buttons, chats, site design and nvaigation.

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Core UI – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Core UI is excellently crafted modern admin template, available for personal and commercial usage. The template is 100% free and passed the responsive test for various large and small viewing screen devices. The website is best for selling digital and tangible products. It’s easy to kickstart and install for production usage.

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Sing App Lite – Open Ssurce Admin Dashboard Template

open source admin dashboard template

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Klorofil – Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a robust HTML5 admin template to present your application data seamlessly, Klorofil will tailor to your needs perfectly. The free admin theme is simple, equipped with buttons, modal, progress bar, table and more. If your team members are used to visiting visitors app dashboard through desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, you don’t need to make a separate layout for this theme. The theme is responsive comes with Flat UI and asthenic style which let you craft things professionally.

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Admin LTE – Free Admin Panel Template

AdminLTE is great control panel Bootstrap theme. The template is open source, responsive, reusable and packed with modern features of admin panels. AdminLTE is built with W3C validated HTML5 and CSS codes. On the other hand, as it’s Bootstrap powered, developed with the mobile first design which can fit with unmatched screen resolutions from large desktop and small mobile devices.

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Blur-Admin – Bootstrap Simple Admin Template Free

Blur Admin theme is the precious contribution of BootstrapTaste.com for the web developer community. The Bootstrap admin HTML template is powerful and intuitive comes with open source.

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NGX-Admin – Bootstrap Base Admin Dashbord Template Free

Bootstrap base admin dashboard template free

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Material Admin – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme

The theme has been designed creatively providing modern equipment including Flat design, Bootstrap 3.3.4 framework, Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Collapsible and expandable sidebar, charts plugin, data table plugin, smooth scrolling and more. On top of that, the template is 100% responsive comes with infinite flexibility and awesomeness. It supports modern browsers and others support plugins.

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Modular Admin – Free Bootstrap Admin Panel Template

The theme has been designed creatively providing modern equipment including Flat design, Bootstrap 3.3.4 framework, Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Collapsible and expandable sidebar, charts plugin, data table plugin, smooth scrolling and more. On top of that, the template is 100% responsive comes with infinite flexibility and awesomeness. It supports modern browsers and others support plugins.

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Novus – Free Flat Admin Dashboard Theme

Professional Programmers and web developers try to spend their time in Github. They are always found in the search of the useful application for contribution or download. When it comes with bootstrap admin HTML5 template, they try to find them in open source repository first. If you are among those, I can recommend you a bootstrap 3 admin theme for personal and commercial usage. The theme comes with a login page, sign up, Full Calendar, Statics, and chart, button and Icons, WYSIWYG and HTML 5 editor, Form Plugins, Tables and Bootstrap data Tables, and sleek UI interface.

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Dark – Bootstrap Admin Template

Free bootstrap admin template

As the name suggests, this template is based on Bootstrap 4 (the latesr 4.2.1 version, to be precise). This admin dashboard template puts versatility first, with none of the clunky, heavy and rarely used tools. It resonates the top of the line features with CSS3, HTML 5, flexbox and pseudoelements.

Along with its SEO friendly design comes cross-browser compatibility, meaning you’re sure to get the target audience’s attention, whichever browser they’re on. Barrages of charts and tables for analytics, 14 widget types for ease of use, forms screen to manage custom form elements, 6 HTML page templates in 6 colour variants, login screen and signup screen, this is bound to be one of the most productive free admin dashboard templates out there.

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Admin Press – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Admin press is powered by latest bootstrap4 css framework. This template has angular support and had almost 600+ pages with the dark and light version. With 500+ components you can build whatever you want with your dashboard.3000 icon fonts will help you to make widgets or others thing more attractive. Admin press is built with sass css preprocessor so to customize the template with development purpose will be a little bit handy.

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Admin Pro – Free Bootstrap Admin Panel Template

Admin Pro is an admin dashboard Template based on Bootstrap and Angular JS. This template is very responsive and mobile friendly. Admin pro comes with 3 layout style boxed variations. It also has pre-made ready to use widget and component in 7 color schemes with 3 different style. This Template supports almost all popular Browsers. You can use this Template as e-commerce dashboard of the project web application. You also get SASS file, Bower and development setup, Datapickers, etc along with the Template

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Chameleon – Free bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Free bootstrap 4 admin template

Chameleon Admin is a great Bootstrap 4 based free admin dashboard template for beginners and new developers. It sports a starter kit designed specifically for this purpose. But that doesn’t mean it’s underpowered. Under the hood of this clean and elegant looking template is a beast of a code, powered by Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Gulp.

That means it can be used for any kind of web applications – Project management, eCommerce backends, analytics, CRM, fitness, and more. All this versatility means cross platform compatibility, with full support for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. With 10+ UI components, 8 pages, form elements, Bootstrap tables and cards, guaranteed support, it’s hard to believe that a feature rich yet user friendly admin dashboard template is free.

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Sufee – Free HTML5 Admin Template

Free html5 admin dashboard template

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AppUi – Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

AppUI is a professional and minimal bootstrap admin dashboard template. Simplicity with powerful features is the unique characteristics of this admin dashboard template. You can create an excellent backend of your web application with this responsive bootstrap dashboard template. It’s clean and straightforward design surely boost your working capability.

This bootstrap simple admin template has both the premium and freemium option. The premium AppUI comes with a package that includes both admin and frontend templates. This simple dashboard template features custom page design, graphs, button layouts, sliders, form validation, and many more to ensure the best user experience.

On the other hand, the frontend is very simple and professional looking also. The frontend section comes with multiple pages like about, pricing, and team along with the necessary pages.

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Not Enough!! Then you can try This Premium Template also.

Drora – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


Drora is a Bootstrap Restaurant Admin Dashboard Template that is from the same author of Arvid. It contains all the feature like Arvid does. The main difference is Drora, especially for restaurant admin dashboard.
Otherwise, it includes the same feature of Arvid like responsiveness, customizable UI, container, layout, background, direction, and icons.

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Angulr – Bootstrap Admin Website Dashboard Theme

Angulr is a very popular and trendy admin web application template which comes with both in Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. This admin panel template includes necessary plugins like audio players and video players along with the others. Aside from this, it comes with four different versions, including angular, HTML, music spa, and googles material design. It includes international translate option that allows you to work with a different part of the world.

Apart from this, it features Grunt tasks and Bower dependency management. It allows you to use many jQuery plugins, and most interestingly most of the jQuery plugins can work without creating the directive. This bootstrap admin dashboard template also features nested routing and nested views. However, like the other modern admin template, this one is also responsive and support in almost every devices and browser.

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AdminPro -Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

AdminPro is a freshly designed bootstrap admin dashboard template which comes with several demos. Definately, You will fall in love with its brilliant appearance and coding. It offers both the free and premium option. So you have the flexibility to choose the right one according to your need.

This admin panel template features with six different pre-defined color schemes. It also features both the light and dark slide bar so that you can use the right according to your project. The premium version comes with eight demos with more than 800 pages overall.

The developers use a lot of premium quality graphical elements to make it alluring. In this package, they offer a lot of widget for designing your website effectively. Apart from this, they offer a lot of tables, chart, calendar, gallery option, and detailed documentation. You will get dedicated support from the author and lifetime access with regular update.

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Corbin – Bootstrap simple Template

Corbin is a Simple Admin Dashboard from the same author of Arvid and Drora. Simplicity and clean interface is the main characteristics of this admin template. It is based on the latest Bootstrap and integrated with jQuery plugins.

The homepage of this template comes with a unique appearance. It includes a lot of customizable components and charts. Developers friendly coding and fully automated workflow with gulp make it stand out.

The background comes with both in dark and light version. It is well documented, and the documentation is in detailed. It includes a lot of table and form picker as well as the text editor. If you are looking for a simple dashboard, you can check Corbin.

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Remark – Bootstrap Admin Template

The Remark is an easily customizable and creative bootstrap dashboard template based on the latest Bootstrap 4. It is built with SCSS/less CSS that allows you an easy and straightforward backend work.

You can easily integrate this bootstrap dashboard theme to your project for creating an excellent design. All the components and layouts come with two different styles named classic and material. Apart from this, the menu layouts have six variations that allow a lot of convenience to the developers.

Like the other bootstrap dashboard theme, it is also responsive for all type of device. Its flat UI with clean and validate coding make it stand out. Additionally, it features Grunt Tasks and Gulp tasks. Moreover, you will fall in love with Remark for its developer-friendly code with more than necessary features.

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Pages – Admin Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a speedy admin dashboard template, you can consider Pages. The developers of pages claim that their admin dashboard theme is so light that it is faster than light almost. However, it is a very trendy and fashionable admin dashboard template to build your web UI in a fast and quick way.

The UI framework comes with a lot of customizable features so that you can create the layout according to your wish. Pages come with the latest Angular 6, Bootstrap 4 framework. It features a lot of fantastic angular components like slider, time and date picker, toggles, tab, cards, notification, quick search, and so on.

It also allows the third party plugins inclusion like Ngx bootstrap, Ngx datatables, E charts, and many more. However, it features a lot of components at a reasonable price.

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Neon – Bootstrap Admin Template

Neon is another modern, flat, and trendy Bootstrap Admin Theme for multipurpose uses. It is one of the top 10 admin themes of all the time and was featured in Behance also. Neon includes more than 112 HTML files that are an incredible resource indeed for the developers.

Additionally, as it is a premium bootstrap admin dashboard theme, you will get the regular update with newer plugins and pages. Moreover, it features the front end template with the admin dashboard. Neon provides nine different color skins that are awesome.

The overall appearance of this template is very professional and minimal. Neon features some exclusive components like clean and straightforward profile page and timeline, attractive chat API, easy gallery management, data tables, user timeline, notebook, calendar plugins, RTL support, mailbox and so on.

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Bucket Admin – Admin Panel Template

Bucket Admin is a bootstrap admin dashboard template which is designed based on the flat design concept. The specialty of Bucket Admin is developer friendly coding, light color, easily customizable charts, and all other elements.

Like the Admin as a mentioned earlier template, Bucket Admin is also a super responsive admin panel template with bootstrap framework. And it is compatible with all types of devices like phones, tablet, desktop, and browsers.

It includes a considerable number of reusable UI components and also integrated with jQuery plugins. You can use it for a multipurpose web application like project management system, custom admin panel, admin dashboard, CMS, CRM, and application backend. Apart from these features, the support from the authors is incredible indeed. Users highly recommend it.

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Flatlab – Bootstrap Dashboard Template

FlatLab is another premium admin dashboard template that is designed based on the flat design concept. FlatLab is based on the latest Bootstrap framework with HTML 5 and CSS3. Flatlab is a very lightweight template with optimized speed. Like all the admin template, it is also easily customizable.

FlatLab includes a large number of widgets that allows the developers to build a quick and fast attractive web application. You will fall in love with its eye-catching form and wizard.

FlatLab also provides a creative login-page along with a catchy error page. You can check it for its flat UI and responsive design at a reasonable price.

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Bottom Line

We’ve aligned all the best Bootstrap admin templates so that you can get your head quickly around. These templates are totally free but limited with features. If you want to have an enhancement in features, you can use premium Bootstrap backend template. If you are looking for a paid template, keep connected with us are coming with your desired articles.

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