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To promote a company that specializes in work that isn’t understood by the laymen, it gets much harder. It isn’t an easy task to first develop an app or software and also to create havoc in your marketing wallet to get the word out there. It is quintessential that you have an impressive web presence that really speaks out and showcases what you do and why. And being an app or software development company, with your expertise and an awesome template, you can have a brilliant website up and about no sooner than a day. This is exactly where Digitouchlab comes in the picture.

DIGITOUCHLAB is a modern HTML5 template for software / App Development Company. The template is minimal and expressive. The intuitive template can be used for multipurposes of any business, software or portfolio website. DIGITOUCHLAB is a professionally designed theme including many features to help you to promote and sell your software and app services. It is the perfect choice for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and desktop software development. DIGITOUCHLAB will help you to promote your business to this extremely valuable and ever so growing niche.

Features :
Build With Bootstrap 3.x Latest.
Built on the latest and greatest of Bootstrap, your website will be be eligible to every scale with just a single code base. Full of features, you can get extensive and beautiful documentations for your elements.

2 Home Variation .

The best part about Digitouchlab is the fact that it lets you pick exactly how you want your website to look. There are two homepage variations that you can pick from catered to your needs. At any time if you feel like you want another look, you don’t have to go around looking for another template, you can just pick the alternate variation.

Home Parallax

Gone are the days when the websites looked static and in short, boring. With the home parallax, your website scrolling is going to be beautiful and exciting, to say the least. It also creates a sense of interactivity that makes the web presence of your website much more appealing to the visitor and keeps you up to date with the recent trends in the web design landscape.

1000+ Free FontAwesome Font Icon Included.

What better than awesome Font Awesome fonts to make your website speak. Considering the fact that App and software websites tend to be more formal than quirky, it doesn’t actually have to be boring. With a huge collection of over 1000 of the aforementioned fonts included, you can now add a touch of sleek without compromising the content on the website itself.

100% Responsive.

Digitouchlab is responsive to its core and is crafted to look absolutely stunning on any screen, big or small. This is even more important in the current times as more people are going mobile than they are on their desktops and this particular feature ensures that your website doesn’t come out looking like it’s out of the 90s.

100% W3C Valid Code.

Being W3C valid, there is no question regarding the quality of the code. The code is done just right and passes the W3C code with flying colors. You don’t have to worry about your website being red flagged for poor coding with this template. So you can rest assured that your website will display consistently and will be compatible with all major browsers.

Full Organized Code

The codes that go into Digitouchlab is clean and organized so that anyone gets it by just going through it all. The organization of the code is such that it ensures that whatever the template is built on is transparent to the developers for them to tweak accordingly.

Google Responsive Friendly Passed.

Considering the fact that people are accessing websites more and more from their handheld devices, this template passed that test and the website rocking Digitouchlab performs effortlessly on any and every device you can possibly view it on. Mobile matters. And this complies.

Working Contact Form.

Being one of the most common elements on a web page, Digitouchlab features the Working Contact form to ensure that they can gather the relevant information that you may need from the users that visit the website. With this in place, you can ensure that your users can conveniently reach you to ask questions or to subscribe or such.

Images Credits : http://linxspiration.com/

NOTE: Demo images used only for preview purpose, Demo images are not included in main source package.

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