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Admin Dashboards are the back end user interface for an online application. They usually used to track and manage the system and also get notified of the update status. Most of the online applications have their own admin dashboard to control the entire system such as WordPress, Joomla.
As the Admin Dashboards are the major user interface, they were built for usability and become as important as a front end side. In previous days, admin templates were not so user-friendly even not looks so polished. Now there are plenty of user applications are available for daily use and thus admin templates getting more priority to become user-friendly.
Creating a professional looking admin dashboard for your website or app needn’t be expensive. Thanks to Robust, one of the best free Bootstrap admin template you will also find a suitable user interface for your project. For those who get started though, this best free admin template will help you launch your project without any financial investment required.
You can choose from the selection of components, elements, and cards available in the template packs, while creating your custom dashboard. Robust is mobile responsive so it should work on large and small screen displays. Check out the online demo, you can try it for yourself on your choice of devices to see if it meet your requirements. Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables are just some of the features you can add to your admin pages. Robust includes animation effects and other UI elements to help make your dashboard more attractive.

Live Graph Chart

While most of the admin dashboard template offers various type of charts, Robust include a live chart beside those static charts. It will be useful for those project where data are changes over minutes even seconds such as share market or live cricket statistics. With this awesome dashboard, you will feel the touch of a prior management system.

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  • Released April 16, 2017
  • Current Version 1.0
  • License MIT License

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