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If you’re reading this article looking for a drag and drop website builder, chances are you’re not a developer and are looking for a solution to get online in no time, hassle free. You’re in the right place. While drag and drop website builders are already easy to use, if you’re going to be using SITE123, it’s about to get even easier! Why? Because with this builder, not only do you not need any design or coding skills, but you don’t even need to drag and drop. This is made possible by design assistance – you upload your content and the website is designed and build for you and is fully responsive across all devices!


If you’re worried that Drag and Drop are also going to drag your bank balance across the line and go negative, you’re wrong. SITE123 has incredible pricing, aimed at making sure you get great value for your money.

You get two pricing packages with SITE123, one being the free version that gives you enough for a very small and basic website. But if your requirements are slightly more advanced, you can choose the premium version, which in addition to our easy website builder, also provides many other features. You get your own domain which you can connect to your site, huge memory and speed, and E-commerce support. So whatever it is that you’re trying to build, you get it!

Pros of using Site123

1. Ease of Use

Drag and drop website builders are easy enough as it is, but with SITE123, it is even simpler. They promise you that you can build a website in 3 easy steps. You can sign up with your Google+ or Facebook, answer a couple of questions specifying what it is that you’re looking for, and then you’re good to go. You pick a layout that you like, upload your content, and the website builder will do the rest. Throughout this process, you’re faced with a dashboard that is no-nonsense and extremely intuitive. So if you’re a newbie, just allow yourself to explore around here and there and you’ll get the hang of how to use it.

2. Free Domain and Hosting

When you sign up for the premium version of SITE123, you get your domain name registration along with hosting, all for free. So not only are you making a website with the lowest hassle possible, but you also don’t need to take the extra effort of finding hosting for it. Your website will be hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is highly secure and is distributed all over the world. So no matter where your target audience is, they will connect to the closest servers and get blazing speed, thus making the experience of your user a great one.

3. 24/7 Customer Service

If you’re dealing with tech, there is always that off chance that you may get stuck at a point or something might not be going the way you want. Even if the SITE123 dashboard is as easy as it is, if you still need further assistance, you can get in touch with SITE123’s customer care in various ways. This includes self-help tutorial videos on their own Youtube channel, a free to access support center, and you can email their customer service with elaborate details if your problem is really complex. Last but not least, you can always reach them by their LIVE chat 24/7! So if you’re stuck, you have someone to help you out at all times.

4. Multilingual Website

Once again, SITE123 keeps international audiences in mind. They make sure you can connect to the closest servers, and they also make sure that your website can support other languages without having to make different websites for each target geographical region. You can have up to five different languages on your website, depending on which of the premium plans you opt for. All the elements of the website, from the headers, texts, etc, get translated to the preferred language. Not just that, you can also have separate domains for each of the languages, and the best part is, it is all with one click!

5. Free SSL and Email

You don’t want to wake up one fine morning only to find that your website has been hacked by some guy in a remote corner of the planet. To make sure that you’re safe online, SITE123 provides free SSL support with a high degree of confidentiality. The data contained within it also has a high level of security, so you can sit back and relax about protection.

If you’re running any form of business, it is ideal that you have your own domain based email address. SITE123 ensures you get to do that for free and with the least bit of hassle. Not only does it make things much more credible, but also makes sure you don’t get worried lines having to figure it all out.

Cons of using Site123

1. Inaccessible Source Code

If you’re slightly more advanced than a novice and want to tweak some things from the hard code, it is absolutely not possible for you. So you could say that the biggest cost that comes with SITE123 is how it loses some of the customizability that might be of importance to some people. But you can only rely on them to provide you with what they figure you want, and you lose some form of control in terms of modifications. So the range of settings for advanced users is very limited.

2. Inappropriate for Highly Complex Websites

While it is an excellent choice for most simple use, blogging, landing pages, small-scale e-commerce, etc, it cannot make heavy duty websites like a large scale E-commerce site. So if you want the next Amazon or eBay, this might just not be for you.

3. Simplistic SEO Options

The SEO options are quite basic compared to how in depth you can get with SEO when you’re really trying to make it out there.

In Conclusion:

You can be certain that SITE123 is a good tool for most users, especially since you get a wide array of feature, and you can use plugins when you go for the premium plans. If you’re on the very basic sites, you might not need to opt for the premium plan at all, the free site may be good enough. It is cost-effective, full of features and is extremely feature friendly and most of its users highly appreciate this business. Did we mention that all websites are completely responsive and scalable too? It is hard to go wrong with this website builder.

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