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There is a lot of choices for building a landing page, but it is difficult to find the right one. Among so many choices WPOnepager is unique and lets you build your landing page within minutes. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge or any guides.

A question might arise in your mind that, is this really possible to create a landing page within minutes? Well, check the video below and find out for yourself.

This plugin comes with a lot of blocks and templates. It really helps save your precious time, let’s check if it worth’s your time or not.

Features That WPOnepager Provides

Any Page Creation in the Shortest Time

WPOnepager allows you to create a new page or edit an existing page within your editor screen. Give it a title and enable WPOnepager. After then you will be able to start creating your site with WPOnepager.
[enable onepager]

In this point, you will be able to add any blocks to your page. Generally, a website consists of navbar, slider, feature section, testimonial, about section, and the footer. Click on add blocks and insert any block with one click. Then change the contents and images.

You might be thinking of settings, but you don’t need to as WPOnepager blocks are designed with the best positioning of contents. All you have to do is insert block and replace content and your website is ready.

While you add blocks, you won’t be asked for column size like other wordpress landing page builder plugins. To mention, WPOnepager blocks and templates are pre-customized in a way so that you can create your website in the shortest time.

Time Saver

Create your landing page instantly with the time-saving templates that are provided by the WPOnepager. When you open the dashboard of WPOnepager you will find a huge collection of ready-made templates of different categories just made for you. These templates will let you create your site with a single click, therefore check the preview first and then click on import button.

After importing template just click on images and texts to replace it. Your page will be done within minutes. If you wish a little customization, feel free to do it with WPOnepager.

100+ Blocks & Templates

You got more than 100+ template & block choices with WPOnepager. Each block and template are very lucrative and entirely different from one another. You will always find a template for your required niche including – magazine, blog, portfolio, corporate, business, creative, education, eCommerce, nonprofit, apps, charity, technology, retail, wedding, real estate, miscellaneous, etc.

Powerful Customization

The ‘more’ word’ always doesn’t come with blessings, but sometimes it takes more than giving. With WPOnepager you got the minimal but the powerful customization options, without which a site cannot be perfect.

To change the options and settings of content, just click on it and make the changes in the way you want.
Elegant Animations

Animations always make your site more attractive than before as it changes the entire look of your site. WPOnepager comes with smooth animations that don’t affect your site’s performance. This plugin is developed in a way so that you get the best visual output without compromising the performance.

Support & Pricing

WPOnepager is free for everyone and it can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. The free version gives you a good collection of blocks and templates with other features. But if you would like to enjoy more blocks, templates, support and other options, you must upgrade to the pro version.

The pro version of WPOnepager comes with three pricing plans – Unlimited, Agency, and Personal. You can buy the personal plan for 1 site license, agency plan for 5 sites, and Unlimited plan for unlimited sites.

If you ever stuck anywhere while developing feel free to ask for the support. The developer team will dedicatedly support you until your problem is solved.

What Customers Say?

Till now most of the customers are satisfied with the WPOnepager page builder plugin. It comes with 4.5 ratings out of 5 in WP repository.

Until you don’t give a try you won’t find out the difference between WPOnepager and other page builders.

Comparison Between WPOnepager and other builders

For letting you understand better, I am providing you a comparison of WPOnepager with other page builder plugins.

WPOnepager vs Unbounce

If you are thinking to create a landing page with a high conversion rate, you can do it with Unbounce. It’s drag and drop editor will allow you to complete your landing page with elegant images, texts, videos, and other sections. If you like to do it a bit quicker than do it with any template that Unbounce provides.

Unbounce provides more than 125+ templates. Once you finish developing you will be able to track conversion rate, visitors visit rate with ease. That’s not all, you will also be able to use A/B testing to improve the result.

This plugin offers you integration with all the popular plugins including – zapier, mailchimp, Hubspot, WordPress. The interesting face of Unbounce is only drag and drop is enough for building a website, you don’t need to be an expert of coding.

WPOnepager Unbounce
User Interface Easy Complex
Mobile Responsive Yes Yes
Pricing $39 Per Year $79 Per Month(annually billed)
Free Version Available 30 Days Trial
100+ templates Yes Yes
Unlimited Domains Yes Yes

There are a lot of features and functionalities comes with the Unbounce but it doesn’t give you a minimalistic solution. Besides the Unbounce comes with a very high price of $79 per month (annually billed). If your budget is short or wants a site for only a few days Unbounce is not the proper solution for you.
For using Unbounce you must have a lot of money. With the templates of Unbounce you will be able to easily create a landing page but to use all the features and functionalities you have to be a pro. Otherwise, your money will go in vain.

WPOnepager provides you zero complexity and also at affordable price. It takes away all the difficulties from you and provides you a landing page in minutes.

Try WPOnepager and feel the difference by yourself.

WPOnepager vs Leadpages

If you are a person with a pocket full of money who want to create a landing page without design and coding knowledge than Leadpages might be the tool for you. Leadpage is based on a monthly recurring SaaS fee that offers you a good number of templates and integrations.

This SaaS tool will allow you to make your landing page fast with huge customizability options. Which can also be a pain in the back, if you have less time or have no experience in developing. Any earlier experience will make it easier for you to use Leadpages otherwise rethink for choosing the right tool for you.

In Leadpages, you can connect your domain with landing page directly. For doing this you need to configure your domains with Leadpages after then you will be guided for connecting your domain.

Why WPOnepager is Better Than LeadPages?

WPOnepager Leadpages
Responsive Yes yes
Enough Templates Yes No
Easy Interface Yes No
Pricing In budget ($39 per year) Very expensive ($37 per month)
Free Hosting No Yes

Leadpages is a very good landing page builder service like Unbounce and it also asks for a great amount of money. Regardless of its interface, which will require advanced developing knowledge, without which you might be in trouble.

If you are willing to take Leadpages service then you have to invest $37 per month with a yearly plan. On the contrary, WPOnepage takes only $39 one time for a full year. WPOnepager will allow you to complete a site instantly where you don’t need to be a pro or get your hands dirty on customization. Which Leadpages will not provide you.

Check out both of these tools, side by side and feel the difference.

WPOnepager vs Thrive Architect

You will not found a lot of people who didn’t hear the name of thrive architect. It is an awesome tool for your business that saves your time and energy. With the help of thrive architect drag and drop page builder, you will be able to create your required website landing page easily by yourself.

This plugin comes with an element for every section you require. It also offers you more than two hundred templates. If you want to save your money along with your time, you might use these templates of thrive architect.

One of the specialties of this builder is, it comes with front end editing, therefore you will be able to customize your site while you see the live preview of it. When you stuck in any problem, check the detailed documentation or ask for support.

Why WPOnepager is Better Than Thrive Architect?

WPOnepager Thrive Architect
Ease of Use Easy Moderate
Coming Soon Pages Yes No
Mobile Responsive Yes Yes
Pricing $39 per year for 1 site $67 per year for 1 site
Focused For User Developer
Expert Support Yes Yes

Without any doubt, Thrive architect is a great page builder which lets you customize your site with various settings. If you are new in website development or want your site ready in minutes, it is not the right tool for you. For quicker site development without any experience, WPOnepager will serve you better.

You will not to hire any developer or spend hours to develop your site, a couple of minutes is enough with WPOnepager.

Give both of these builders a spin and find the magic inside WPOnepager.

Customer Satisfaction

Each and every user of WPOnepager has liked it and find it very useful for developing a landing page on their own.

As this plugin is very user-friendly and easy to install, anyone can get started without any problem and prior knowledge.


There are several page builders available on the market, so it’s not easy to choose the perfect one. If you are a busy person, have not enough time to build a website, then WPOnepager is the best solution for you. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

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