30+ Most Amazing Responsive AngularJS Admin Templates To Make Awesome Web Apps 2019

AngularJS admin Dashboard template

When you’re managing a project or a company, comprehensive knowledge of all the facets becomes essential, arises the need for AngularJS admin templates. With these, it becomes very easy to keep track of everything done in the project including what activity is being performed on the website, what content is going up and how they are being responded to, notifications that are vital to the project, keeping up with team members and their tasks and a myriad of other functions.

To help you with easy and effective management of all this, we have compiled 30+ HTML5 & CSS4 AngularJS Admin templates for you, updated with the current year.

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Triangular – Material Design Admin Template AngularJS

Using the best practices for front-end development, Triangular is a unique Material Design Admin Angular JS Template. It is constructed from grounds up using Google’s Angular Material Design Project. This gives the Template throne of being the only fully material design admin template! There are multiple themes and color to suit your need and updates are regular and free.

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Clip-Two – Bootstrap Admin Template with AngularJS


Clip-two is attractive, visually aesthetic, sophisticated, and makes the best use of responsive dynamic views. The stunning AngularJS dashboard template is boxed with the Superheroic Javascript MVW Framework. To add the cherry on the cake, it includes a multipurpose HTML5 website template free in the package!

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Gradient Able – Angular Admin Template

Admin panel template angular 7

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Electric – AngularJS Admin Dashboard Template


Electric has the coolest and most captivating layout of the bunch. Whether you want a single or several projects to take off, this stunning AngularJS admin template provides the most comprehensive backend and frontend management. With awesome features like over 4 dashboard styles and a myriad of pages which are there for your choice, this template packs quite the punch. There are also over 20 functional widgets that give it more scope to be customizable and fit for any kind of project. You can view the total balance, new orders, sales and the works using this template.

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Fuse – AngularJS Material Design Admin Template


Whether you want to know how many due tasks there are, your budget summary or an overview of what your team members are doing, this clean and unique template does it on point. It’s incredibly flexible too with 10 apps that are built-in and is multi-language ready. You can choose how you want it to look like from the 6 template layouts, 15 content layouts, and 18-page designs. Make your dashboard perfect for you. Any problem, you get premium support and updates are frequent and free. The responsiveness and the 3 dashboards will serve your every need.

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Materil – AngularJS Material Design Admin Template


If you’re in need of a large project and you’re content with lazy load, material design based Materil template is perfect for you. It boasts Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS and enables nested routing. This AngularJS admin template is powerful and comes with grunt tasks, bower dependency management, save user settings, inbox app, note app and much more. Built using Less CSS, it also has many jQuery plugins out of which a majority can work without the directive being created.

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Angulr – Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS


The clean bootstrap admin template with angularJS is easy to use and customize, can fit with any of business requirements with ease. The backend template has an abundant supply of modern technologies including

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Material Lite – MDL with AngularJS Admin Dashboard


Material lite is an excellently crafted modern admin dashboard template, available for your convenience. With its extremely fast and lightweight feature, it still features heavy. With a clean and material look, it uses ng-animation for the user experience that is unparalleled by anything otherwise. It employs the best practices of AngularJS style guide.

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Angular Js admin dashboard template

Material – Material Design Admin with AngularJS


Material design admin template is an admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap and AngularJS and uses Bower and Gulp for speeding up the development beyond the norm. It is not just another template added to the pile, rather it comes with many layouts and color schemes to choose from and employs SASS CSS for easy coding. You can also use jQuery codes according to your need. This Material design AngularJS template can give an extraordinary user experience.

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Rainbow – Responsive Admin App with AngularJS


Its all-purpose framework which is replete with active and energetic features, including runnable task applications, internationalization and localization support for any language, real time form validation and runs perfectly across any browser. Rainbow also has a responsive design that makes it a breeze on any device and you can make the layout look as you want it to.

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Packet – AngularJS And HTML Web App


Have a Content Management System? Want it to look and feel awesome? Try packet. It packets 6 different layouts and you get regular updates and support from the developer team. For making it look really good on mobile screens, you have a clear view of the screen and a swipe function that contain all the information on the side that you can check if you drag it left. With 36 colors and over 1000 pages to suit your needs, you cannot go wrong with Packet.

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OneUI – Admin Dashboard Template & UI Framework


OneUI is an admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap and AngularJS framework, this UI is extremely flexible for you and you can create the pages lightning fast. The layout is power packed and you get 4 different versions. It is light and as fast as The Flash.

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Materia – Responsive Admin Template


A fully responsive angularJS admin template, Materia comes with a bunch of colors to pick from, and awesome functionalities to see who’s online for you to communicate flawlessly using the floating sidebar. With the dual menu, email menu and an event calendar, coordinating the work of your entire team have never been easier. LESS CSS adds to its speed.

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Material Design Admin Template & Landing


The material is a 2 in 1 template which includes both the admin template as well as a landing page and uses the Google material design for aesthetics. The Sass CSS that it uses makes the template very easy to code and alter and the layout is very powerful. With internationalization that gives different language supports and you the full liberty to use whatever language you want in the back end. It runs with no trouble on any device or on any browser. The clean Javascript code makes the template an awesome one.

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Urban – Responsive Admin Template + Customizer Access


Urban nests different layouts, many different skins and Angular and HTML. It is an extremely customizable admin dashboard template. You can watch your data in any way that you want using the many features that this template offers. You also get the bower/grunt and the latest Bootstrap features.

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Milestone – Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template


A fully device friendly admin dashboard template that gives you a whooping number of pages for almost any purpose that you need but unlike what it might seem like, it is very easy to code template and you get a huge basket of options for customization. The SASS speeds up the development and the ease of coding and the HTML and CSS used are very clean to the eye. The material and font awesome icons add to the customizability that the template offers. You get several admin layouts for your liking.

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Admin AppKit | Admin Theme + AngularJS


The appkit angularJS admin theme comes with a myriad of features and is extremely pleasing to the eye with its beautiful color combinations and responsiveness that makes it ready for any device of your liking. It includes all the things that you may want on your admin dashboard including the mail app, the todos, the timeline to keep track of work being done, the users who are online and the option to message them and much more.

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Angle – Bootstrap Admin Template


Angle is an excellently crafted modern admin dashboard template that integrates all the frameworks and tools that you may need to craft the web app that you have been wishing for. What sets it apart is the bi-directional text support where you can change the text orientation and many versions of the look to choose from. Angle is ready for any device or browser and once you’re in the template, you see the site preloader and sticky navbar along with the build of Bootstrap 3 along with LESS and JADE. You simply cannot go wrong with this template.

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Centric – Bootstrap Admin Template


This Bootstrap Admin Template has an endearing design to make your website much more attractive and flexible. It focuses on not just features but also renders it as best as possible while keeping it top notch. It is a responsive one with a bunch of features that include different frameworks like AngularJS, HTML5, JQUERY and MVC6. There are several outlooks to choose from and the documentation is precise.

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NeuBoard – WebApp Admin Theme


NeuBoard-WebApp admin theme includes multiple versions of HTML/JQUERY, ASP .NET MCV5, AngularJS, and Ruby on Rails. You can design the dashboard with multiple theme colors or even use colors of your own choosing. The landing page is built with bootstrap and sports LESS and SASS. The CSS animations make the landing page much more designer-friendly and can be used for any web application, a dashboard of CMS. It allows regular and new updates at times and it is fully responsive.

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