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15 Best Tailwind Templates For 2022 (Free & Premium)

15 Best Tailwind Templates For 2022 (Free & Premium)

Tailwind CSS is a low-level, highly-customizable CSS framework that allows developers all of the building blocks they need to create personalized designs without having to deal with unwanted opinionated styles. It has gradually grown in popularity in the world of frontend development over the year. The reason for this is that it is a remarkably simple-to-use, highly customizable library with excellent performance when used with other frameworks.

There aren’t a lot of high-quality Tailwind CSS templates on the internet. That's why finding the perfect one for your project might be complicated. So, in this article, we’ll show you a variety of Tailwind Templates that are fully customizable and configurable for products such as admin dashboards, landing pages, websites, blogs, and many more.

It’s finally time to get started. Let’s take a look at the list!

Notus PRO- Tailwind CSS And React Premium Components Library

notus pro tailwind and react components
Download Demo

Notus Design System PRO - Premium Tailwind CSS Design System

Premium Tailwind Css Design System
Download Demo

Fuse - Tailwind Angular Admin Template For Web Application

Fuse angula tailwind template
Download Demo

Midone - Tailwind and HTML Admin Dashboard Template

Midone html and tailwind template
Download Demo

Midone - Tailwind & VueJs Admin Dashboard Template

Midone - Vuejs and tailwind template
Download Demo

Midone - Tailwind & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

Midone - laravel and tailwind template
Download Demo


pickbazar react tailwind template
Download Demo

Mosaic - Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

mosaic tailwind CSS admin template
Download Demo

Notus NextJS - Free Tailwind Template

free tailwind and nextjs template
Download Demo

Vue Notus

free tailwind and vuejs template
Download Demo

Material Tailwind Kit React

free tailwind css & react ui kit
Download Demo


We hope you found these templates helpful. Please share your personal favorites in the comments section below!

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