Can I Use bundle’s item Multiple times?

Yes, You can use the item in the bundle as many times as you want for your personal project or Client’s Projects. But You are NOT allowed to resell or redistribute our item directly.

What does Commercial purpose mean in Bundle?

Commercial Purpose means you can build your client website using Themefisher’s themes without keeping Themefisher copyright link which is mention in the theme footer section.

Can I Host this item for a demonstration?

You Can Not Host any of our items to your server without permission. If you want to demonstrate theme to your client then you can use our demo link of this theme. If the Item available Under MIT License. Then Yes, you can. if you put a proper credit to the Themefisher website. It will be pleasure support to us.

Yes, you can, bundle product does not need attribution to Themefisher website. If you Keep it will be a pleasure for us.

Can I Use Iframe/Screenshot of these templates at my website to show New Client?

No, You Can not display any of our Item to your website or other publicly as you work. But if you do any project using our theme then you and display as your work but you need to give credit.

What do Free Update Means??

You will get free update that continues bug fixing and add new features. If you don’t want to update you can use your preferred version as long as you want.

What is Premium Support??

You will receive bug fixing and response directly from our support team within 24 hours except for holidays. Premium Support covers only bug fixing and theme installation difficulties. We don’t provide any customization service in Premium Support.

What is the difference between the free and premium versions?

The differences between the Free and premium products consist of the number of components, plugins, sections, pages in each. The Free versions contain only a few elements and pages that allow you to build a website but the Premium version gives you much more flexibility. Premium Version also covered 3 Month Premium Support. FREE items don’t get any type of Support. Premium theme buyer will also get access to Documentation and the free version will not.

Do you offer client services?

We also do client-based projects and customization work of our theme, If you buy our theme and want to customize as your requirements we are always ready for Hiring.

I have made the payment, but I don’t get the product

Due to technical difficulty, it happens sometimes. But don’t worry, Contact us we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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