Story Behind the Themefisher:

You already know, ThemeFisher offering Premium HTML templates and giving quality HTML Templates for free. The thing you don’t know, we are aiming to keep a free version with every of our premium HTML5 and Bootstrap Templates . Of course, Let me share a short story how we started this.

3 Years back,

I was in love with web designing. Developing HTML template turned as like my passion.I engaged myself with a job where I was working to develop HTML Templates as a front end developer. After a short journey, I realized that I have some Template on my hand. These were designed for clients, some of them for mine. Suddenly, a plan clicked in my mind. I can distribute these for free. So that, anyone around the world will be able to launch their site using my free templates.

I did what I thought.So,I started ThemeFisher.com.

It was launched July 26 th, 2014. I put my themes on the site. Within a short time Themefisher got huge engagement. A lot of users were downloading our products at a regular basis.There was no way for me. I shifted upgraded hosting to make up. Situation make an impression to set the next step of Themefisher.I started to design premium HTML5, Bootstrap templates. Then I entered the age where you are feeling us now.

Who Behind the ThemeFisher:

A young boy at 27 from Bangladesh. Mehedi Sharif Titas Head of ideas of Themefisher.He is a front end developer and traveler.He loves to Sketch new ideas. ThemeFisher.com one of his creation. He started his career as a front-end developer. Now, a significant number of Users of Themefisher keeps him busy.