What is Themefisher

ThemeFisher is a website designed for designers and site owners to give them access to free and premium templates amongst other resources. Our website is stacked with beautiful themes (both free and premium) that are responsive and have a great UI/UX, that gives the best users experience.
At ThemeFisher, we are more concerned about the responsiveness and aesthetic quality of our themes, as well making them look as simple as possible. Our templates are usable for both websites and blogs, and the responsiveness makes them suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. The themes are easy to install and navigate, and the premium themes do much more to offer greater functionalities and better designs that make your site look iconic.

ThemeFisher is out to offer premium and unique HTML templates, as well as gifting free quality HTML templates to users of the world’s blogosphere, and website owners. One fact that might be hidden to you as a user of our service is that we offer a free version to every premium HTML5 and Bootstrap template found on the website, and here is a short story on how this mission started.

How it started – The three years back story

It all started as a flair, which later developed into an addiction and passion for developing websites. I found so much sense of fulfillment in developing HTML templates with great functionalities for websites on which they were installed. After some time, I was hooked up on a job where all I did was develop HTML templates as a front-end developer.
In no time, a peep at my library, I realized that I had quite a number of templates developed and ready for use, some were for clients and others were personal. It wasn’t until that I had the hunch and urge to distribute these standard templates at no cost to various persons that might be interested. I followed up the idea, in a bid to help business owners, aspiring bloggers, companies and dreamers of the world to develop their sites, seamlessly.

Hence, the birth of ThemeFisher.com

The 26th of July, 2014 marked the birth of ThemeFisher.com, with free templates uploaded on the site as soon as they are created. There was a boom in the traffic, engagement, and use of the templates. It served as a source of templates to millions of users, faster than I had envisaged. The traffic soon caused few technical issues with the hosting platform the site started on, prompting a move to an expanded upgraded hosting, to complement for the traffic the site had per day.

There came a need to evolve as a site, to offer more products to more users, and hence, I started to design premium HTML5 and Bootstrap templates. There had been innovations and evolutions to the site since inception, and the growth and feedback from users had kept the site going to the stage it now is.

The brain behind ThemeFisher.com

Mehedi Sharif Titas, a 27 years old young man, is the head of Ideas at ThemeFisher.com, a seasoned front-end developer, who doubles as a travel freak. Creativity is the core of all Mehedi does, with his love for sketching and fleshing out new ideas, one of which is ThemeFisher.com.
Out of passion, his career as a front-end developer has seen a great deal of success, which had caused him a busy schedule, aimed at seeing smiles on the lips of returning clients, referred clients, and the vast amount of users of ThemeFisher.com.