Our blog is all about modern web development. We have a large user base, and advertising on our blog is an excellent way to connect with them.

Advertising opportunities

Listing on theme collections

We will list your theme / templates in any theme collection of your choosing, but the position of your theme will be determined by its quality.

The cost is $200.

We will list your theme among the top listings (based on availability) of any theme collection of your choice.

Cost: starts at $400

Promotional blog posts

You can write a blog post about Web Design, Web Development, Jamstack, Graphic Design, or Blogging on our website.

Cost: starts at $1000


  • The featured listing is always live for at least 1 year. After that, we may update this collection to include more themes, but your theme will not be removed from the collection; instead, it may be moved slightly lower on the list. Your theme will remain on the list as long as it is competitive and updated.

  • All links from our website will be nofollow or sponsorded.

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