Best 15 Hugo Blog Themes for Blazing Fast Blog website 2021

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Blogging is always a great medium for sharing knowledge, views. Especially after the internet revolution Blog become one of the best sources of reaching people and generating traffic to your website. So choosing the best platform for your Blog website is always a matter of concern especially when he or she is a non-technical person. Most of the Time bloggers use WordPress as their website platform. But the most disadvantage of using WordPress is its speed and security issue. In this case, you can use Static platforms Like Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby, etc. Those platforms Give you a blazing fast and security concern free website. After the launch of the forestry like CMS it also becomes fun To manage a blog website for anyone.

However here we bring a collection of High-quality Hugo blog themes for you to
help find out the best suite for your blog website. We have done a lot of research to give you the best Template
available in the market now. I hope this Blog Themes list will you to choose the perfect theme for your website. All the themes on the list are very responsive and SEO friendly blazing fast. So let’s dive in the deep.

Logbook – Hugo Blog Templates

Logbook - Hugo Blog Templates

LogBook is one of my favorite Hugo blog themes. I am sure you will be impressed with the charming appearance of Logbook. It offers almost all the simplified Homepage layout. You have the flexibility to select your preferable version from 6 different layouts. That is incredible and user friendly.

So, it doesn’t matter what your niche is or what is the purpose of your blogging. You could easily make it perfect for your audience. Since it is a Hugo blog template, it is super responsive, blazing-fast, user friendly, and affordable also. Please don’t forget to check the interface of this awesome Hugo blog theme.

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Reader – Hugo Multipurpose Blog Theme

Hugo themes for Blog

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Gojournal- Best Responsive Hugo Blog Themes

Gojournal- Best Hugo Blog Themes

Blogging is one of the best ways to stay connected with the audience. Whether you want to promote your business or service, blogging is the most effective way rather than other means. So, your blogging space should be unique, user friendly, and affordable to you. In this case, Go Journal could be the right choice.

Go Journal is a premium Hugo blog theme. This blog template allows you an organized way to present your story and visual elements. It comes with a smooth built-in slider just beneath the header section where you could add your most popular blog. Then you will get a trending post section as well as other blog sections. Apart from storytelling options, it includes all the necessary parts for a blog like social signal button, newsletter subscription, widget with category, recent post, and others. This one could be the right choice for your next project.

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Galaxy – Dark Design Hugo Blog Themes

Blog with Dark interface has been a trending subject now a day. So, if you want to keep pace with the trend, you could consider the GALAXY. This one is designed and developed by Themefisher team. It comes with a complete dark interface with professional typography and elements. Moreover, the homepage of this Hugo blog theme is unique. We
design it in mainly three segments.

The left widget includes the main menu, the body that consists of the blog post, and the right widget that provides for about me, subscriber form, and featured post. Apart from these features, it comes with a feature-rich footer that includes a lot of options. Please, don’t forget to check this awesome template.

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Revolve – Premium Hugo Blog Theme


Are you looking for a Hugo template for starting your personal blog? Well, you could rely on Revolve. Revolve is one of your most appreciated particular blog theme for its outstanding and refreshing appearance and user experience. This simple landing page is designed with great care and love. I bet, you cannot but like this personal template at very first sight.

Anyway, this personal blog theme comes with a smooth slider as well as a grid-based blog section. This personal Hugovblog template is perfect for photographers, freelance service provider, entrepreneur and people who love tovshare their story—highly recommended for the professionals.

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Twenty-Twenty – Free Hugo Blog Theme

WordPress Twenty Twenty is a Popular Blogging Theme. Thmefisher’s HUGO Team Bring it On Hugo Ecosystem. Now you will get the same quality of WordPress Official theme with Blazing fast speed. CMS friendly This theme make your blogging experience more fun. This theme code structure is very optimized and SEO friendly. For detail click on Live Preview Button or Use it for free click Download

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Parsa – Free Hugo Blog Theme

hugo personal blog template free

If you are looking for a free template to start a visual storytelling blog, then I recommend Parsa for you! Parsa is specially designed for working with a visual element like a high-quality image. So, if you want to create a blog on photography, traveling or cooking recipe, then Parsa is unrivaled.

Moreover, Parsa is entirely free and it comes with the MIT license. So, here you have the ultimate freedom of using this blog template. Since Parsa is focused on the visual story, it comes with two image slider. One is on the top and another is on the bottom. Overall, this one is an outstanding free Hugo theme for starting a blog.

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Liva – Free Responsive Hugo Blog Template

Liva - Free Responsive Hugo Blog Template

Liva is another prominent free Hugo blog theme in this list. This free theme is perfect for branding, I mean if you want to create a personal or portfolio blog, this one could be the best freemium option. Although this template has a premium version, you could use this free version if you have a low budget. After using if you think it is worth investment, you could buy the premium version.

Anyway, this simple blog comes with a minimal appearance. It comes with a post, contact, and about section. For interaction, it includes social signal and newsletter subscription form. So, it is a complete Hugo theme for a
personal blog.

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NorthendLab – Minimal Design Hugo Blog Theme

NorthendLab - Minimal Design Hugo Blog Theme

If you are a technical person or organization and develop digital tools or products, this template is best for you to start blogging. NorthendLab is a minimal design Hugo blog theme for the professional. The concept of this theme is pretty simple and smart. Every professional wants to create his/her audience for sustainable business. And NorthendLab allows you to create a blazing fast and refreshing blog website.

Anyway, the homepage if this template comes with a very clean and smart outlook. It has a dedicated section for offering services or tools. So, with this template, you have the flexibility to create your audience by providing quality tips and tricks as well as growing your business.

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Novela – Free Hugo Bolg Template

Novela is another free Hugo theme for the bloggers. This one comes with the MIT license, so it is entirely free. Although it is a free theme, it looks brilliant. But it doesn’t include a lot of functionality that you might need to run a commercial project.

Anyway, it comes with both the light and dark interface. So you could offer both versions to your audience that will surely be appreciated. Since Hugo is straightforward to customize, you have the chance to customize it for your project. This theme is designed, focusing only on the blog section. You have the flexibility to organize the home page according to the grid or list element.

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If you are still looking for a free Hugo blog template for your upcoming or existing project, then I recommend you to use this marvelous and smart-looking template. It is free and customizable. This theme is made with Stackbit.

You could launch your project with this free template. Yes, you have the flexibility to use this template for creating a blog on the multi niche. But this one preferable for Outdoor blogging like traveling. This template includes about, contact and style guide for creating an interacting website from scratch.

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Dream – Free Hugo Blog Themes

Are you looking for a creative and exceptional blog template? If yes, dreams could be the right choice. The Dream is designed inspired by Pinterest. Its layout and post style looks like Pinterest. Yes, it is free. So, you have the chance to create a unique blog utterly free as it is based on Hugo.

Anyway, besides the Masonry grid appearance, it is straightforward to customize also. This one is a voluntary project. You have enough flexibility to take this template at a new level.

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Are you looking for a content-focused template? Well, you could consider Mainroad. You can create a content-focused website easily with this Hugo blog theme. It comes with some excellent features like responsive menu, secondary menu, theme options, table of content, MathJax.

Moreover, it includes some awesome internal Hugo templates like Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Google Analytics, and
Disqus. The overall appearance of this template is straightforward. It is perfect for creating an information-based blog where you will write a lot of stuff.

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If you are looking for a free Hugo magazine template, you could consider this one. Like most of the template in this list, it is entirely free and comes under the MIT license. It comes with enormous features like responsive article summary blocks, Thumbnails in summary blocks, black letter magazine letter, and others.

Anyway, although it is a free project you have access to the editable links of this template. Moreover, it supports rich content like images, videos from Youtube, and other platforms. So, don’t forget to check this outstanding magazine template.

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