Best 20+ Jekyll portfolio Themes For 2021

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Showcasing your work and achievement to the world a Portfolio website is the best way. Because you can present your work as your wish in your portfolio site because there is your full control. The portfolio website is also an important part of your personal branding and a decent design website always keeps a positive impression on you and you’re working. So building a suitable website is essential for every professional. But building a website from the beginning is also a difficult and expensive task. To make it affordable and less time consuming we bring here a list of elegant designs Jekyll portfolio themes for you. In this list Some of the themes are free and some are premium hope you will like it. You may ask why Jekyll !! Jekyll is a very lightweight Static site generator that gives you a super-fast loading speed website. You must know time is money and the Internet community is always in a hurry they don’t like a slow thing. If your site takes more time to load then you may lose a potential client. Site speed is also an important searching engine ranking factor. So get a good position in the search result page you must have a Superfast site. So why waiting let’s see the Jekyll portfolio themes and make your dream website if meet your requirements.

Dizer – Premium Responsive Jekyll Portfolio Themes

Dizer-Premium jekyll portfolio theme

Dizer is another feature-rich and professional portfolio theme from Themefisher. This modern and sleek portfolio template includes all the necessary elements to make your website fit the international community. It comes with 70+ crafted components.

Anyway, Dizer offers 4 different unique homepage layout. that means you have a lot of flexibility with this item. Apart from the homepage variation, other prominent features of this template are 3 portfolio styles, 3 blog styles, service page, and contact page. you can provide all of your services with this premade template.

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Kross -Jekyll Creative Portfolio Theme (Free)


Kross is one of the best free Jekyll themes in this list and this one is developed by Themefisher team. Though it comes under the MIT license, you will find almost all the premium features here. perhaps, I think, sometimes it is better than many paid Jekyll portfolio theme.

Anyway, you can use this multipurpose Jekyll theme for different projects like company, individual, agency or other relevant cases. its interface is mindblowing because of using handcrafted illustration and professional color schemes. Don’t forget to check the details of this special theme.

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Exto – Jekyll One Page Portfolio Landing Page Themes

Exto - Jekyll One Page Portfolio Landing Page Themes

Looking for a CV type one page portfolio landing page? well, you may consider Blackcurant. This one is really a unique template and it is based on bootstrap 4. You can use this template especially for Resume, personal blog, and portfolio website.

Anyway, prominent features of this template are superfast loading speed, multiple color schemes, attractive layout, easy customization, and project highlights. Apart from these features, it also includes all the regular features.

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Lancer – Jekyll Personal Portfolio Theme

Lancer - Jekyll Personal Portfolio Theme

Looking for a Jekyll personal portfolio theme? Well, Lancer is a minimal and feature-rich Jekyll portfolio template. I note this one as a feature-rich template because this template has sixteen different versions of the homepage. That is incredible indeed. so it doesn’t matter you are a freelancer or an owner of the business, you can use this template for creating projects both for you and your clients.

Anyway, apart from the 16 different homepage layout, it comes with clean and minimal design, responsive and easy to customization, free google fonts and font awesome icons. Also, the different versions of this Jekyll theme allow you to create different types of portfolio websites like personal, photography, freelancer and much more.

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XCENT -Best Jekyll Onepage Portfolio Theme

XCENT -Best Jekyll Onepage Portfolio Theme

Looking for a one-page portfolio website template? well, XCENT is a single page Jekyll portfolio template by which you can accumulate all of your resources and present them in an organized manner. However, XCENT is developed for creative people like internet entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, and others.

Anyway, XCENT is based on bootstrap and it is powered by Jekyll. Notable features of this template are 3 hero versions, parallax effect, well documentation, easy customization. Another great feature of this template is its free support. you don’t spend extra money to get support from the authors. So, it is cool for the newbies.

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Lavar – Jekyll Agency Portfolio Templates

Lavar - Jekyll Agency Portfolio Templates

If you run an agency and looking for a readymade Jekyll template for portfolio purposes, then you may consider Lavar. It is specially designed for the agency as well as for using persona purposes.

Anyway, this minimal designed Jekyll template comes with a full-screen slider and portfolio layout. Besides the responsive and minimal appearance, it includes CSS3 animation. Apart from these special features. you get all the regular features in this template. so, you may consider this one for your personal or agency portfolio website.

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Blackcurrant – Minimal Jakyll Portfolio Templates

Blackcurrant - Minimal Jakyll Portfolio Templates

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Drava – Resopnsive Jekyll Postfolio Themes

Drava - Resopnsive Jekyll Postfolio Themes

Drava is a visual elements based Jekyll theme that is suitable for the business, design studio, portfolio website or company website. Besides the portfolio section, it also includes an interactive blog item. So, if you want to be established in the online community through your platform, you can use this premium template.

Anyway, the main features of this template are a clean and simple design, 100% responsive appearance, CSS3 animation, free google fonts, and icons. Also, you will get a regular update of this template freely.

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Sera – Single Page Jekyll Portfolio Themes

Sera - Single Page Jekyll Portfolio Themes

Sera is a single Page Jekyll Theme that can be used for Multi-Purpose projects. This modern and visually appealing Jekyll template comes with fresh color and dynamic layout. if you like a clean and bright interface, Sera can be your first choice.

Anyway, Sera is a feature-rich template indeed. here you get a lot of features like Pixel-perfect and retina ready design, advanced Jekyll configuration file, advance SaaS color skins, and many more. Another cool feature of Sera that this package is developed according to a PSD file and the file is also available. So, you have a lot of flexibility with this item.

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Reflex – Free Multipage Portfolio Theme

Reflex - Free Multipage Portfolio Theme

Reflex is a multipage portfolio website that is developed based on Jekyll. This one is a free template and available in GitHub. However, the appearance of this template is very clear and user-friendly. Though It doesn’t include so many graphical elements, it is an eye-catchy theme.

Anyway, the main features of this template are full-screen appearance, professional typography and design, grid-based layout and different blog pages. So, if you don’t have enough budget to buy a premium template, you can go for this free Jekyll portfolio is a free Jekyll portfolio template.

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Stylish Portfolio – Free Jekyll Portfolio Templates

Stylish Portfolio is another free Jekyll portfolio website template and this one comes under the Apache license. However, you can use this template for your projects. However, let’s come about the features of this template.

Though it is a free template, it is quite professional and catchy in appearance. You can use this template for personal portfolio purposes to business or agency portfolio. Notable features of this template are colorful appearance, service section, google maps, about, portfolio sections and others.

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Instagram Portfolio – Free Jekyll Portfolio Themes

Instagram Portfolio Theme comes under the MIT license and this one is free. you can do whatever you wish with this template. however, this template is a unique one because you will not find a lot of themes specially for the Instagram portfolio. Though the demo version includes an Instagram widget, you can easily customize it instead of a new content source.

Anyway, the main features of this free Jekyll portfolio template are colorful and refreshing homepage, minimal and clean interface Instagram widget and 100% responsive layout. Moreover, this one is suitable for the developer to add some extra flavor and make it extraordinary.

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