Best 25+ Jewelry Shopify Themes For 2020

Best shopify jewelry themes

According to Statista, in 2018 bags and accessories occupy a 29% share of global internet purchasing. And this share of global purchasing is increasing rapidly. To be a proud participant in this field, jewelry products can be a good way. I think there is no need to mention the popularity of jewelry products as everybody knows how big the market is. Jewelry products are light in weight and easy to transport. So, as a business owner, you should focus on the online market as well as offline. By the way, to establish yourself as a brand at first you need an awesome and professional store first. To minimize your costs and energy, we have reviewed the best Jewelry Shopify themes here. So, let’s explore the gems.

Modular – Jewelry Shopify Themes

Modular - Jewelry Shopify Themes

Modular is a grid focusing and image-based Shopify template. This one comes with three different layouts. Modular is suitable for sell cloth, beauty products, and watches. Though modular has no pre-built jewelry shopping page, the layout of the template is suitable for promoting jewelry products. Moreover, modular features large images and large catalog, you have the opportunity to scale up your business with this template. salient features of this template are:

  • Three creative layouts.
  • Signature product grid and quick buy option.
  • Full-width Instagram feed and homepage video.
  • Wide layout and suitable for large images.

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Corano – Popular Jewelry Shopify Themes

Corano - Popular Jewelry Shopify Themes

Corano is one of the top jewelry store themes in this list. Having a blog page with the shopping page makes this template effective and fruitful. Corano is suitable for eCommerce and drop shipping purposes. With this jewelry focused design, this template comes with an elegant and luxurious look. Moreover, a huge number of technical features and functionality allow you a hassle-free user experience. so, let’s have a look at the main features of this Shopify

  • 4 pre-made creative homepages.
  • Multiple attractive header options.
  • Custom category view.
  • Blog features and mega menu.
  • Compatible with Oberlo dropshipping and affiliation.
  • RTL inclusion with 15+ preloader.

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Fashionopolism – Premium Jewelry Shopify Themes

premium jewelry Shopify template

Fashionopolism is a striking premium fashion Shopify template that comes large image and product-focused layout. With its multiple collections of layout, you can promote different types of niche including jewelry, men and women apparel, watches and other similar category products. Its product-focused layout helps you to get more sales and interaction. Besides you can build a professional Shopify store with its exclusive feature without getting help from experts. Main features of Fashionopolism are:

  • Sticky navigation
  • Two menu options including slide out and horizontal.
  • Product quick view and image Zoom.
  • Homepage video and slideshow.

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Atlantic – Best Jewelry Shopify Themes

Atlantic - Best Jewelry Shopify Themes

Atlantic has specially crafted for women’s jewelry Shopify themes. With this striking and conversion-focused Shopify template, you can boost your sales. Moreover, this theme can be used for promoting other fashion-related products also. So you have the opportunity to scale up your business with this multifunctional eCommerce theme. Needless to mention that Shopify is a drag and drop platform for the non-coder. So, you don’t need any help or assistance from others to develop your store from scratch. However, the key features of this template are:

  • 4 styled layouts.
  • Suitable for large catalog.
  • HD slide show and multicolumn menu.
  • Modular style home page.
  • Quick buy feature and home page video.

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Broadcast – Shopify Themes for Jewelry Store

Broadcast - Shopify Themes for Jewelry Store

Broadcast is another product focused Shopify template that comes with large image blocks. That is why this template is suitable for growing your audience and sale. Besides, this open includes a homepage video section so that you can add details about your exclusive product and become reliable to your audience. Moreover, a wide array of color flexibility and easy customization make this template unique and special. However, let’s have a look at the salient features of this template.

  • Instagram features.
  • Homepage video and customer testimonial.
  • Disqus blog comments and color swatches.
  • Quick product view with responsive design.

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Diamic – Multifunctional Shopify jewelry Theme

Diamic - Multifunctional Shopify jewelry Theme

Looking for a dedicated and multifunctional Shopify jewelry theme to ensure the best user experience and features? if yes, Diamic is for you. This out of the box Shopify template is an effective one indeed. from its appearance to
features, all of the elements are professional and eye-catchy. You will found all your desired elements here to decorate your website effortlessly. moreover, the clean and well-crafted design help to increase the conversion rate as well. Let’s have a look at the main features of this template.

  • Shopify visual builder.
  • Compatible with Oberlo.
  • Multilingual, parallax, and multi-currency.
  • Multiple Blog pages and layout.
  • Slider, mega menu, collections catalog, and product carousel.

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Debut – Free jewelry Shopify Template

free Shopify template

Debut is another free Shopify template on this list. With this free Shopify theme, you can present your products smoothly and beautifully. this simple but elegant template features a variety of features that is admirable indeed. in spite of being a free theme, Debut includes some exclusive and premium features. however, let’s have a look at the main features of Debut.

  • Two different layouts.
  • Suitable for a single product.
  • Product filtering and slide show.
  • Homepage video and customer testimonial.
  • Product recommendation and multi-level menu.

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Kagami – Clean Shopify Jewelry Template

multipurpose Shopify template

Looking for a multipurpose Shopify template to promote a large category of products? If yes, Kagami is for you. This feature-rich and clean Shopify template come with three different versions including fashion, watch and tea. Besides jewelry product promotion you can use this template for your other projects. This one includes all the latest trends in the eCommerce template. however, let’s have a look at the salient features of this template.

  • Masonry layout for products, post.
  • Large horizontal and slide out slide bar.
  • Video section for home and products.
  • Slideshow, Instagram feed, and FAQ sections.

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Newelise – Responsive jewelry Shopify Theme

jewelry items shopify themes

In the case of luxurious products like precious stone and jewelry items, you must ensure a luxurious presentation of your products to get the expected conversion. From this perspective, Newelise is one of the best Jewelry Shopify themes in this list. However, this one is the last item in this exclusive list of responsive jewelry Shopify themes. You can exclusively promote your jewelry business especially precious stone and ornaments through this beautiful template. let’s have a look at the main features.

  • Fully responsive and parallax effect.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency.
  • SEO friendly and mobile optimized.
  • Product carousel and mega menu.

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Supply – Free Shopify Jewelry Themes

free Shopify Jewelry templates

Looking for free Shopify Jewelry templates? Supply is one of the best free Shopify themes in the market because of its neat and clean interface with necessary functionality. This awesome free Shopify theme comes with two different layouts. This template is suitable for promoting fashion related products like the watch, camera, jewelry, and others. However, let’s have a look at the main features:

  • 2 different layouts.
  • Collection filtering
  • Slide show for multiple products.
  • Suitable for large catalogs.
  • Features collection.

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Kenza – Mobile friendly Shopify Jewelry Templates

Kenza - Shopify Jewelry Templates

Among all the fashion elements, Jewelry is one of the most important. And the market of jewelry has been spreading day by day. So, if you are looking for a responsive Shopify theme that also includes the features of promoting fashion-related products, then Kenza is for you. Mobile friendly appearance and robust features make this Shopify template is suitable for the eCommerce website. So, you can use this template to promote a wide array of fashion-related products exclusively. However, the main features of this template are:

  • 7+ colorful homepage layout.
  • Details countdown and category tab slider.
  • Store history and Instagram block.
  • Smart blog and product slider.
  • Fully documented and retina ready display.

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Story – Luxurious watch Shopify Templates

Story - Luxurious watch Shopify Templates

Marketing isn’t just selling your products, it is a way of building a relationship also. If you can’t transfer your general audience into repeated buyers, you can’t be a successful marketer indeed. that’s why you need something special. You know your shop I mean your website is the most important fact in the case of selling products. The story is an outstanding template by which you can sell your product through storytelling. Isn’t it amazing! to get more idea please have a look at the demo. However, in short, the main features of this template are;

  • 3 styled homepages.
  • Collection filtering and lookback feature.
  • A blog focused sales page.
  • Team showcase and custom form.

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Shine & Sparkle – Luxurious Jewelry Shopify Store Templates

Shine & Sparkle - Luxurious Jewelry Shopify Store Templates

The presentation of your products is crucial indeed in the case of the e-commerce business. You must explain why your products are the best in the market. Otherwise, nobody will buy single products from your shop. So, there is no alternative to a smart presentation of your products. And you can do this tedious work with Shine & Sparkle. This professional and multipurpose template includes a huge number of theme options for designing. So, you don’t need to be anxious about designing and presentation of your products. Just organize them according to your needs. That’s all. At a glance, the main features of this template are.

  • Shopify visual builder.
  • Parallax, multi-currency and multi lingual.
  • Fully responsive and multiple layouts.
  • Multiple blog style.
  • Wish list, product carousel, slider, and megamenu.

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Impulse – Best Jewelry Shopify templates

Impulse - Best Jewelry Shopify templates

Perhaps, Impulse is the best Shopify template in this list. Wait! you may be surprised why I am talking like this. I certify this template as one of the best eCommerce templates because of its exclusive and premium features. not only I, people who buy this template all of them put a 5-star rating for this template. so, this one is special. You will find almost all of the features to develop a striking eCommerce website from scratch. I want to learn more about this theme! Explore the three demo versions. However, in short, salient features of this template are:

  • 3 outstanding creative layouts.
  • Multiple video options and sub list features.
  • Page promotion and promotion tiles.
  • Menu list and sidebar filters.

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Logancee – Shopify Jewelery Themes

Logancee - Shopify Jewelery Themes

A combination of robust features and elegant design makes a theme worthy and alluring. Logancee is a similar kind of responsive eCommerce template that is crafted by passionate and talented designers to ensure the best user experience.
By the way, Logancee is suitable for both the professional web developer and business owner to establish an aesthetic present in the web. This one includes a huge number of flexible features to handle multiple types of projects. Let’s see the main features of this Shopify shopping template.

  • Well documented and advance theme option.
  • 15+ creative homepage
  • Unlimited color and header styles.
  • Different layout and ajax cart.
  • Megamenu, product sale level, quick view, and many others.
  • Top-notch support.

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Jewelry – Dedicated women’s jewelry Shopify Theme

Jewelry - Dedicated women’s jewelry Shopify Theme

Looking for a well-crafted and dedicated women’s jewelry Shopify theme? Jewelry is a feature-rich premium responsive jewelry Shopify theme from a power elite author of Themeforest. This one is suitable for promoting and selling all types of jewelry products including decorative items, gems, gemstones, amber, diamond, coral, jade, emerald, ruby, sapphire, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, etc. moreover, this theme comes with all the latest features of eCommerce shop. Let’s have a look at the salient features of jewelry.

  • Megamenu and full-screen slideshow.
  • Multi layout and advance filter.
  • One slick installation and easy customization.

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Editions – Eye-catchy Women’s jewelry Shopify Theme

Editions - Eye-catchy Women’s jewelry Shopify Theme

Promoting luxurious products like jewelry items, you must ensure an attractive and eye-catchy interface first. Editions is a women’s jewelry Shopify theme that comes with a customizable layout and retina ready display. This awesome theme is special for its product-focused design. Though you will not a large number of features here, this one Is enough for ensuring the best user experience. however, let’s explore the main features of editions.

  • 3 styled layouts.
  • The multi-level menu drops down option.
  • High-resolution homepage slideshow.
  • Product filtering and image zooming.
  • Top-notch support from the author.

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Envy – Features Rich Shopify Jewelry Stores Themes

Envy - Features Rich Shopify Jewelry Stores Themes

Envy is one of the top Shopify Jewelry stores themes for its multipurpose features and elements. If your intention is building a clean and features rich eCommerce website, then you may have look at Envy. Its different style layout and high definition display can easily grab the attention of the potential buyers. Moreover, the SEO friendly and
mobile-optimized layout make this template highly acceptable. However, the salient features of Envy are below.

  • 4 styled layout
  • Marketing popup for collecting lead.
  • Multiple product slideshow.
  • Promotional banner for increasing sales.
  • Instagram feed and product image zoom.

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Famiza – Multifunctional Shopify Theme

Famiza - Multifunctional Shopify Theme

Looking for a modern and clean multifunctional Shopify theme? Well, you can check Famiza. This multipurpose theme is suitable for jewelry, fashion, gadgets, and digital store. So, if you are a professional developer and need to handle various types of fashion-related Shopify store, you can grab this theme to make your professional life easier and smoother. The developer of this top-quality shopping theme spends quality time to build this effective and
conversion-focused template. let’s have a look at the bold features of this template.

  • 17+ unique homepage design.
  • Drag and drop customization.
  • Megamenu and 300+ admin options.
  • Product video and product swatches.

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Jewecita – Responsive Shopify jewelry Template

Jewecita - Responsive Shopify jewelry Template

Jewecita is an advance Shopify template that includes a huge number of advanced features and functionality. With this feature-rich responsive Shopify template, you can professionally promote your business. Clean and modern layout along with retina ready display, this theme is marvelous indeed. besides, you can offer a large number of products through this modern Shopify template. at a glance, the main features of this template are:

  • Shopify sections feature.
  • SEO optimized and translate editor.
  • Revolution slider and 5 megamenus.
  • Ajax functions and detailed documentation.

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Jewelry Shopify Theme

A productive website doesn’t mean an expensive one. It’s all about the user interface and user experience. jewelry
Shopify theme is an example of an effective template within a reasonable budget. This Shopify template includes all the premium features and elements. Besides jewelry product promotion, you can use this template for selling accessories and perfumes also. However, let’s have a look at the main features of this template are:

  • Responsive and professional design.
  • Megamenu and color switcher.
  • Multi-currency and product badge.
  • Product carousel and ajax cart.
  • Multiple Blog layout and others.

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Diamond – Best Jewellery Shopify Themes

Looking for a single product promotion based Shopify template? if yes, you may have a look at the Diamond. Though this simple template doesn’t include a large number of features, this one is a conversion-focused template for selling diamond online. The developers of this template only focused on the presentation of the products. It includes all the necessary features so that you can provide all the necessary and detailed information about a product. However, let’s have a look at the main features;

  • Unique design and homepage layout
  • Multiple blog layout.
  • Ajax cart and search option.
  • Newsletter and Facebook integration.

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We are at the end of this exclusive list of best Jewellery Shopify themes. All of the templates are worthy of starting a new project. So, don’t make a delay to select your desired one to start the million-dollar journey. Please share this awesome list of the Shopify template with your friends.

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