In order to use our free templates you must attribute it to Themefisher, so that we can continue to create new templates every day.Themefisher holds the copyright on all the templates of this website.

Terms and Conditions for Free Templates

  • 1-. You cannot remove the copyright link to Themefisher without buying the licence.
  • 2- You have the rights to use the templates for personal and commercial project(s).
  • 3- You are allowed to make necessary modification(s) to our templates to fit your purpose.
  • 4- Modification of the template or part it does not grant ownership of the template.
  • 5- You cannot resell, redistribute, or sub-license any of Themefisher’s templates.
  • 6-You can host themefisher’s template to your website with full author credit
  • 7- You are most welcome to share our templates with your clients/friends, but please share our licence with them so that they can be aware of our copyrights.
  • 8- You can convert our templates on any CMS (like WordPress, Joomla etc.) for your client and personal purposes but cannot resell these templates after the CMS conversion.

Free Item

  • Support forum

1 Template License


$5 ~ $12
  • One Selected Theme
  • Credit Removal Permission
  • Support via Forum
  • 1 Domain Usage

All Templates license


  • 14+ Templates included
  • Credit Removal Permission
  • Lifetime Support
  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • Access All New Free Templates

How To Purchase A License ?

In Every Template you will find a pro version. License is included in the pro version. If you puchase a pro version then you are free to remove the credit. Its that simple.

If you check the footers of our templates, you will find a text saying ‘Designed and developed by Themefisher’, this is what we mean by copyright text. Since all our templates are copyrighted by us, you’re not allowed to remove that text even after developing your website with our template. If you want to use our template free of cost, you are required to keep the copyright text at the footer of your website.

We invest a lot of hard work and time to create the best quality templates and we make them free for you. To continue making such templates for free, we need your contribution too. So please keep crediting us or grab our premium templates and keep us motivated.

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