22 Best Moodle Bootstrap Themes For E-Learning Site 2022

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Moodle is an entirely open-source learning management system, and it is one of the most popular platforms among the LMS. The availability of plugins and quality support make it stand out. Moodle offers a robust e-learning website for educational and corporate institutions worldwide. Many Moodle partners have joined in recent years to improve this platform. That is why the popularity of Moodle rapidly increasing.There are many Moodle bootstrap themes available now. Also, finding the right one is a time-consuming process. Here, in this article, we have covered the best Moodle bootstrap themes for your convenience.

Though Moodle is a rapidly growing platform, it has some drawbacks. It is not a newbie-friendly platform literally. It needs at least a minimum period to get an overall idea on Moodle. You may need experts to help to install it initially. In this case, the premium Moodle bootstrap templates can be the right choice. You will get free support for the necessary customization and installation from the author for a definite period.

Without further ado, let’s dig out the selected themes.

Lambda – Elegant moodle bootstrap theme


Lambda is one of the best Moodle theme ever. Also, it is one of the bestselling premium Moodle template on Themeforest. The classic appearance is the specialty of this theme. It contains all the contain any unusual or unnecessary elements. Both the coding and interface are neat and clean. The default outlook of the theme based on the yellow color scheme. Aside from this, it provides two more demo version of the homepages with the red and blue color scheme. You will find all the necessary ingredients to conduct your website smoothly. It contains an in-depth page for every single section. The developers put the right things in the right place to ensure the best user experience. However, as a premium theme, you will get the first support from the authority for a specified period.

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Edwiser RemUI – A Dynamic and Intuitive Moodle Theme

moodle ui kit and page builder

Edwiser RemUI is the only Moodle theme that offers an easy-to-use and dynamic design with a user-centered approach. It is considered as one of the best Moodle themes by our 4000+ Moodle users for its flawless navigation, user-friendly interface, clean layout, and responsive design. Edwiser RemUI has all the elements and features that compliment with the workings and needs of a Teacher, LMS Administrator as well as the student. It gives your Moodle a professional look.

Beauty with brains is what it is – it effortlessly imparts elegance, power, and functionality to your Moodle LMS, all at the same time. The best part is, it offers such a holistic Moodle experience without you having to invest in understanding the technical aspects of UX or code development for that matter.

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Academic – Clean Responsive moodle Bootstrap Theme


Academic is also from the same author of Learningzone. Though there is much similarity between these two, the main dissimilarity in the color scheme. Academic consists of the Royal green color scheme with a beautiful appearance. In the menu bar, it also includes the registration and logs in option for the audience.

The sticky menu bar contains all the necessary sections with different pages. It comes with a modern, clean and exclusive looks and it is suitable for academic education, courses, and corporate training. It is fully customizable with an unlimited color scheme.

It includes a responsive layout, custom menu, custom fonts, awesome slider, color setting, and photo gallery. Another new matter is the price, which is cheaper lower than same categories’ theme.

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New Learning – Responsive onlie Education Platform Theme


New Learning is based on the Bootstrap framework, which is a full-width colorful learning management system. It provides you with an eye cooling browsing experience with a professional and minimal interface.

The developers focused mainly on the cleanness both in coding and user interface. Anyone of your visitors will fall in love by seeing the well-documented features and professional interface. Transparent color overlay for the content blocks makes it amazing indeed. It features the member login option at the top bar for proper management of the whole learning process.

Usually, Moodle is a little bit tricky for beginners. However, the author uses drag and drop page builder for installing and customizing the template. The complete documentation is Well documented, and it appears with four columned layouts.

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Trending – Minimal Bootstrap Moodle Template


Trending is a highly visual effect enriched super responsive bootstrap Moodle theme. The homepage includes almost every latest web designing elements with stunning transitional and animation effect. The developers give the highest priority on the user experience while developing and designing the template.

Parallax effects, carousels, custom icons make it stand out indeed from their competitor. The entire appearance of this template is as usual like other Moodle template finds in the market. You will get all the standard features here without any doubt.

Visually attraction elements are the unique features of this template. You can do all the customization and basic edit effortlessly. You will get the essential help and future update from the author as it is a premium theme.

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Klassroom – Responsive Moodle Bootstrap Template


Educational institutes are very familiar place as people spend much time there. Klassroom features some remarkable features that allow your audience to get the real taste of the physical classroom. It features a minimal and professional interface ensuring the best user experience.

It includes some excellent features like sticky navigation, custom login page, custom fonts, unique calendar page, custom category, blocks into the tab, custom section, custom styles and icon, and so on. It features unlimited color schemes that allow you to use the color according to the situation and application.

The whole theme is fully customizable, and you need not be a pro developer to customize it from the core level. It supports multi-language with cross browsing and RTL compatibility feature. Also, you can use any type of custom plugin effortless here.

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Moodle Bootstrap Themes


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Cognitio – Moodle Template


Cognitio comes with a classic appearance with a dark and grey background. The developers use many images to focus the courses and content. Simple interface with proper use of image creates an aesthetic flavor.

Though video section is standard in every Moodle theme, here the process of adding video is super easy. You will find an exceptional and unique header with a minimized image slider with different courses. You have the flexibility to choose your desired header from the two different layouts.
As it highly focuses on the video section, you can add a call to action button in image slider to facilitate your audience to take their desired course by a single click.

Animation effects and carousels are the unique features of this premium noodle template. As it supports multiple languages, you have the opportunity to build a vast community. Easy customizability from section to single text makes it stand out from the competitors.

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Space – Minimal Bootstrap Moodle Theme


Space comes with a modern and minimalist appearance, which is based on bootstrap framework. This responsive Moodle theme features mobile first design with cross browsing compatibility. This premium template goes with all form of learning standard from online learning to offline school establishment.

It includes numerous section to showcase your teacher’s profile, course catalog, custom login, registration page, and redesign user interface. All the sections are easy to customize and editable. It also features multiple font styles and color schemes to provide you with the ultimate flexibility to personalize your website according to your need.

The pixel-perfect features a fantastic browsing experience in any browser or device. Clean, robust and high speed optimized loading speed will instantly grab the attention of your audience. Take the browsing experience at the next level and make it unforgettable with Space.

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Flora – Premium Moodle BootstrapTheme


Flora is another responsive Moodle theme from the previously mentioned author. If you are looking for a new template with a clean and straightforward interface, Flora can be the right choice. It allows you a highly customized user interface. The homepage includes all the trendy, modern and stylish web design element that makes your website more unique than your competitors.

In the right sidebar of the home page, you will get an option to add your images effortlessly. Containing all the modern elements and clean SEO optimized coding makes it fantastic to both the users and search engine. Moreover, it comes with a comparatively lower price tag rather than other similar learning management system template.

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Herald Boost

Bootstrap Moodle template

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IQ | Intelligent Moodle Theme


Are you looking for a quick tool to build your learning website? First Moodle theme the right one as it names suggests. IQ is based on bootstrap, and it includes different types of course format. That is why it is suitable for school, college, university or even for personal purpose.

You have the flexibility to customize every single section or even the original text and graphical element of this premium Moodle theme. Being on bootstrap framework, it is highly responsive for all type of website with prompt loading speed.

You have the flexibility to conduct your website in multiple languages as it features multi-languages. IQ allows you to manage all the content of your website even when it is published. Apart from the materials, you can customize every part of your website from the backend function without knowing the advance coding.

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Edutech – Creative Moodle Bootstrap Theme


If you are looking for a gorgeous and bold Moodle template for your educational platform, then you can check Edutech. It is also based on bootstrap Frameworks. It comes with a bright red user interface.

That is why it quickly grab the attention of your visitors. Clean and SEO friendly coding makes it perfect both for the users and search engine. The whole appearance of the template is professional enough. The static image background is a cool feature of this template.

The authors provide an interactive text slider. By which you can create very engaging content for your audience. Interactive transitional, animation and hover effect makes it stand out.

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School – Beautiful Moodle Bootstrap Template


School is a particular academic moodle premium theme for school, college, and universities. The developers develop the theme thinking on the students. The unique animation and transitional effect inevitably attract young learners.

The front page comes with a student-friendly interface with different customizable sections. Content blocks and custom icons add a new degree to the website. The whole theme is not overwhelmed with plenty of unnecessary sections like other similar Moodle theme. This one fully customizable like different Moodle bootstrap themes. Also, it features multi-language support, cross-browsing and RTL compatibility.

As it is a premium theme, you will get the essential help from the author in case of customization and installation. Also, surely you will get regular updates with new features.

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Material Boost

Moodle Themes

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University – Responsive Moodle Template


University is another bootstrap based popular Moodle theme. It uniquely appears with a box width template. The whole interface is a little bit different from other Moodle theme. Colorful appearance with excellent browsing experience inevitably attracts the audience. It emphasis both on the text and multimedia content equally with modern design pattern.

You will get all the necessary features like course section, Multi-Language support, cross-browser compatibility, RTL compatibility, and so on here like other Moodle bootstrap themes. Apart from these, you will get some additional exclusive features like visual page builder, clean coding, custom login, awesome slider, custom fonts, unlimited color, social media signal, and overall accessible settings.

You may try the demo version of this template to understand the quality of this theme. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper in price than other Moodle premium theme.

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Alanta – Elegant Bootstrap Moodle Template


Alanta is a broad, flexible and idle Moodle bootstrap theme for educational websites. It is a perfect solution to represent educational organizations like schools, colleges, and universities. It comes with a royal and exclusive outlook. Alanta is a fully responsive template with super-fast loading speed. All the sections of the front page are fully customizable. It is well documented and supports Multi-Language.

You can change every text and images effortlessly. Apart from this, you have the opportunity to improve every graphical element also. It features with the bootstrap framework with SEO optimized coding. RTL and cross-browser compatibility are other mind-blowing features of it. You can add color for your custom content from six predefined color scheme according to your need.

However, it features not only a reliable, customizable option but also a regular update with adding necessary features regularly.

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LearningZone – Premium Moodle Bootstrap Theme


LearningZone comes with a slight difference layout than other conventional Moodle theme. The perfect combination of white and orange make it alluring and elegant to the users. It includes all the trendy and latest designing elements to ensure the best user experience.

It provides a member login and registration option at the top bar on the header section. The header section is entirely different from other Moodle premium theme. Sticky menu with dropdown features add an aesthetic value.

By the way, it also features the current section like multilanguage support, super responsive for Mobile and desktop, RTL compatibility and other necessary option for better browsing option. It is built with CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap framework.

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Moodle Templates

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Adaptable – Free Best Moodle Bootstrap Themes


Adaptable is a highly customizable free Moodle theme for both the large institution like the universities to the small training organizations. It is one of the best free Moodle themes where you will get the features like a professional premium one. This one is a two columned responsive theme.
It comes with many features. It allows you to display up to 60 custom blocks with different layout on the front page. The layout builders provide a drag and drop installation for the front page, footer, dashboard and course page.

You can customize all the colors, fonts, blocks style and buttons easily. It features all the necessary elements for a complete learning website. You can choose your desired sliders for the homepage from the two predefined sliders. Aside from this, you have the flexibility to choose the front page course style.

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Essential – Responsive Bootstrap Moodle Template


Essential is a three column responsive Moodle theme which is based on the Bootstrap framework. It provides a clean and professional user interface with lots of conveniences. It allows the admin to control over Image sliders. It will enable you to customize the fonts as the developers use the font awesome icons.

You can adjust the image, text, and colors from the setting option without doing any coding. It comes with some advanced feature that is outstanding for a free bootstrap Moodle theme.

Additionally, it features an essential manual guide for the uses of pages. However, the motto of the theme is creating a challenging professional outstanding professional Moodle theme. It one of the best Moodle theme ever for its exceptional features.


Academi -Free Bootstrap Moodle Themes


Academi is another great free Moodle theme for the academic’s purpose. It comes with a straightforward, clean, trendy and modern appearance that is suitable for your Moodle website. Academi is compatible with the 2.6, 3.4, 3.5 version of Moodle.

Being a responsive theme, it is compatible with all the major browsers and devices. Another exceptional support of this theme is multilingual support. All the sections and elements of this theme are customizable. Even the footer section comes with a configurable social media links. Besides these features, the home page slider allows you to show the promo items.

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Eguru – Beautiful Bootstrap Moodle Theme


Eguru is super responsive multi-color free responsive Moodle theme. It contains some unique features that are usually rare in free theme, and this one is suitable for educational website. It features cross browsing compatibility with responsive layout. The template comes with a custom login page with multilingual support. You can manage the footer blocks with the theme settings.

It allows you to use a custom logo and other graphical items. Also, it will enable you to use configurable social media links on the footer section. That means you find almost every exclusive premium feature in this free template.

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Evolve-D – Free Bootstrap Moodle Template


If you are searching for a classic and straightforward Moodle theme, then you can try Evolve-D. The homepage contains a stunning and fantastic admin login page. The developers introduce the website in a new approach, and it creates the different from other Moodle themes.
The login form features a full-screen image background. By logging in, you can customize all the text, color, icon, search and many more.

This one is two column theme containing a block on the right. If you use Socialwall Course Format, then Evolve-D can be a good option indeed because Evolve-D supports Moodle’s Socialwall Course Format.
It features font-awesome fonts and custom logo. The custom home page appears with four image slideshow. Another exciting feature of this Moodle free theme is general and weather alert notice for the users.


BCU – Best Free Moodle Theme


As the theme comes from Birmingham City University Moodle site, it is named as BCU. It is fully customizable, and it is based on bootstrap framework. It contains some unique feature that surely adds some aesthetic value for the users.

You can customize the whole theme by logging in the admin settings. It features some fantastic features. It allows you to Toggle to hide and show any block by a single click. You can switch to a fixed or full width by a single click. It supports bootstrap elements.

The course page comes with two variations, one is static, and another is Overly style. The main drawback of this theme is not actively developed. That means you will not get any future update from the authors. In this case, you can see the adaptable theme instead.


Fordson – Free bootstrap Template


The developers put many emphases to make it student friendly. It features some fantastic feature that helps the teacher to create an engaging course for the students. You can create a learning platform for your school with Fordson as it allows you to customize the whole appearance from scratch.
Fordson provides a wide range of fantastic features like customized color choosers, developed navigation, enhanced user experience, a branding opportunity, and so on within a single platform.

Based on your demand, you can use the style preset from the featured one. The documentation is well documented and organized. Also, the template features a step to step instruction for installing the theme.
Apart from this, it allows you to embed a YouTube video in your course module. Additionally, it will enable you to update the students profile regularly on the dashboard.


Klass – Free Moodle Bootstrap Themes

free bootstrap moodle themes

Klass is a responsive bootstrap Moodle theme that is based on HTML5 and CSS3. Being a responsive theme, it is compatible with all type of devices like Mobile, desktop and major browsers. It allows you to create a modern and trending e-learning platform easily.
It is suitable for school, college, universities or other educational institutions. It is also compatible with the version of Moodle 2.6, 3.4 and 3.5. It allows you to manage slider image, text and description for providing a better user experience. Like the other Moodle theme, you can customize it according to your necessary.

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