Best 30+ Simple Admin Panel Templates For Dashboard in 2024

By Mehedi Sharif|Update: 20 Jan, 2024|17 Mins read
Best 30+ Simple Admin Panel Templates For Dashboard in 2024

With the development of different frameworks, the creation of beautiful and elegant themes has become easy and feasible. Simple admin panel templates are one stapes ahead. The workflow has also been developed and sped up a lot using these free and paid admin panel templates. You will find the templates a lot responsive and usable on all kinds of devices, including mobile and tablet computers.

For tracking the performance of your website, these simple admin panel dashboard templates are now available all over the internet that you can install and configure to your site. They are made to be versatile and usable on any kind of website like e-commerce, blogs, magazines, portfolios, social media, and many more.
Before we proceed to this popular Simple Admin panel dashboard Templates, we have to keep in mind that not every template is made in the same way and follows the same types of customers in focus. But they are easy to install and configure according to the developer's

Modernize - Next Js Admin Dashboard (Premium)

Modernize Next Js Admin Dashboard

Modernize Next Js Admin Dashboard is a premium template that allows you to create eye-catching web apps. Using this dashboard template, you can visualize your website analytics. This makes task and team management more effortless.

It is a customizable template with several pre-built components, charts, and page templates. This template comes with 1 year of premium support and free updates. You can create a Chat app, Calendar app, User profile, Email app, and more.

Key Features

  • Slick Carousel
  • 3400+ font icons
  • 45+ UI components
  • 65+ page templates
  • 6 theme colors
  • Detailed documentation
  • Figma design files
  • Easy folder structure
  • Organized code structure
  • Hassle-free setup process
  • Axios mock API & RTL ready
  • Powerful React i18 framework
  • Code splitting and Google fonts
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Modernize - Free Next Js Admin Template

Modernize Free Next Js Admin Template

As the name suggests, Modernize Free Next Js is a free admin dashboard template. It allows you to effortlessly monitor and optimize your business performance. With this dynamic admin dashboard template creating a modern-looking web app is a piece of cake. It is highly customizable, developer-friendly, and very easy to use.

This Next Js template comes with free community support. It is one of the most popular and top-rated Next Js admin templates due to its sleek design elements and several amazing features.

Key Features

  • Next Js 13+ and React 18+
  • Code splitting and Google fonts
  • 1 basic dashboard design
  • Redux toolkit and Material UI
  • Easy folder structure
  • Simple login and register page
  • Organized code structure
  • Free forever MIT license
  • Hassle-free setup process
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Modernize - Bootstrap 5 Admin Template (Premium)

Modernize Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Modernize Bootstrap 5 is a premium admin dashboard template perfect for creating a web app in 2024. It has a very modern and sleek design with a professional look. This template gives a bird's-eye view of your operations and helps make informed decisions with comprehensive analytics visualization.

You can create many different types of web apps using this amazing bootstrap template. It comes with 5+ unique demos and 6+ stunning dashboard designs. You will get regular updates along with several chart and form options as well. It has a hassle-free setup process with organized code and an easy folder structure.

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Modernize - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Modernize Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

If you are looking for a free bootstrap admin template based on the best industry standards, then Modernize Free Bootstrap 5 admin template is perfect for you. It has a very sleek and elegant design suitable for creating quality web apps. This template is highly customizable, so you don’t have to worry about coding from scratch.

Using Modernize Free Bootstrap template provided by Adminmart you can create a web app without any hassle. It comes with several amazing features to boost your development. This template has an easy folder structure and organized code with many different google fonts. It has a very easy setup process and beautiful design elements.

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Corbin - Admin Panel Dashboard Template

corbin bootstrap admin dashboard template

Corbin is a super responsive designed dashboard that you can use on any device like phones, tablets, and web browsers. QuixKit has included a range of elements and customizable elements to this template that can be used on any kind of operation. In spite of having tons of features and regulative modules, the overall design can be visualized as a simple template for an artistic dashboard.

In this model, there are nine types of charts that will show the exact and precise data according to your needs. Inside all these types of charts, you will find bar charts, line charts, area charts, donut charts, and so on. The
customizability of these charts is also endless. No matter what you are going to use these templates on, you are never missing any elements that you might need.

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AdminPro - Simple Admin Dashboard Template

adminpro simple admin dashboard template

With the Darkmode and seven pre-arranged templates, you might not be able to find a better alternative. There are tons of modules that you can customize and set up tp parameters that will help to visualize the performance and trend of several parts of your website or SaaS.

When purchasing, you will find several purchasing options that are helpful for different types of users. If you look at the interface, it has an auto-wrapping sidebar that appears and disappears with beautiful transitions. To keep up with the messages and notifications, it has sidebars that are separately scrollable. The demographical view template gives it an overall view of your website performance at a glance.

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Xtreme Admin - Responsive Simple Admin Dashboard Template

xtreme admin responsive admin dashboard template

The name says it all. Xtreme is an extremely customizable and super professional theme that you can install on your or your client's dashboard. The design is super fresh and does show everything that an admin always desires. You will get 160 types of page templates that include mini sidebar and dark and light combinations and mini and big maps.

WrapPixel has been updating the Xtreme admin panel frequently, and throughout the updates, you will be able to find more interesting features and cards that are necessary. The message and notification bars on the top are responsive, and the message and notification collapse beautifully. The sidebar collapse animation gives this theme an elegant feeling to the users.

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sleek bootstrap admin template
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mono bootstrap admin template
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Focus - Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a modern and trendy admin dashboard template, you can try Focus. Almost all the content management system contains the Admin dashboard template to notify with the update.Admin dashboard templates were not very user-friendly in the previous. As it is the same important as the front end you should go for the flexible choice.

However, finding the best free bootstrap admin dashboard template for download is not an easy job. Luckily, Focus comes with almost all the necessary features. It allows you to add graphics, buttons, charts, alerts, and tables along with other necessary elements to your dashboard. With this perfect-looking bootstrap dashboard template, you can do your job in a smart way. You also find this theme on GitHub

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KERO - HTML Simple Admin Panel Dashboard Temeplate

kero html simple admin panel dashboard temeplate

The Bootstrap 4 themes are nowadays prevalent for all developers, and they are the most stable and optimized for any machine. Kero is a highly responsive template that works on all kinds of devices and browsers. It has all the beautiful animations that any employee of the company will like and love.

The color scheme it has is endless. The color combination does a very good job keeping the attention and does not stress out the users. For beginners, it has nine types of dashboards set up that bring up the best user experience. It has five models of buttons and tons of cards and modules to make the best monitoring dashboard for all kinds of users.

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Concept - Bootstrap Simple Dashboard Template

concept bootstrap simple dashboard template

Concept bootstrap simple dashboard does come with all the things that a user always needed. Due to the design and light coding, it notches up in the performance area. The admin panel does not take a lot of CPU power and RAM to run on a browser. This dashboard is one of the favorites for e-commerce site developers because of the modules and infographics. They are specially made for product monitoring, visitor counting and sales, and all the financial calculations.

For more in-depth reports, it has data maps and five main categories of graphs that also include several subcategories of charts. For more precise data regulation, it has range sliders to set up thresholds.

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Sufee - Free Simple Admin Panel Dashboard Template

sufee free simple admin panel dashboard template

What to say and what not to say about this beautiful admin panel? Sufee has the best dashboard that all the expensive and professional templates can not offer at this price range. With a lot of features like maps, a lot of widgets, and a lot of charts, you cannot compromise the usability of this simple yet very useful template.

In the maps section, you will get both vector and google maps that you can modify to your need. The maps are beautifully colored and accurately indicated by corresponding parameters. Inside the template, you will also get many basic and advanced forms that every professional admin panel should have.

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Argon - Professional Admin Dashboard Theme

argon professional admin dashboard theme

Argon is a professional dashboard for the professionals out there. On a simple page, you will be able to monitor the whole team's progress and also communicate and monitor remote team members. The beautiful materials design makes it a good choice for professional and casual users. You can get the package starting from freelancer to enterprise to get your job done.

Argon has beautiful icons and nicely collapsing sidebars that you can set up according to your choice. It will not take a lot of coding to set up your dashboard. You can simply set up your page from the pre-setup templates. The components and plugins in this template are endless, and additionally, you will get an elegant night mode that every client deserves.

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Light - Simple Admin Panel Template

light simple admin panel template

Light is one simple admin panel template that you should look for if you are looking for simple designs on one page. In the package, it has a lot of icons and interesting buttons. You will also get six filter colors to match your taste and creativity. The sidebar collapses nicely, and to add more aesthetics, you can also set background images on your dashboard.

Installing this does not take a lot of programming and knowledge about jQuery and bootstrap. The included map has detailed previews and more infographics that are super clean to present to the users. The calendar it has is complete with events and notes that every user wants to have.

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Paper Dashboard 2 PRO - Onepage Admin Dashboard Template

paper dashboard 2 pro onepage admin dashboard template

Paper dashboard is a simplistic-looking theme that has all in one-page templates that will help to get statistics on one page. The medium-sized cards have pie charts that make them look great and more visualized for further decisions.

If you want, you can get the templates under MIT License that will give you enough elements to work with. If you get the pro version, you will get up to 160 modules and a lot of plugins for a clean experience. Four of the forms will get your Kickstarter project going pretty well. If you are a chart nerd, his template has it all to kick your project up precisely.

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Star Admin - Free Simple Admin Panel Theme

star admin free simple admin panel theme

In the category of free plugins, Star Admin has its place to the king level, and it is only because of the number of elements and modules it comes with. Among all the elegant features, the most beautiful and exceptional feature it has is the radar chart. This does also has mixed charts that show you a diverse representation of bar and linear graphs.

The button and typography elements, it has all the things that you might necessitate. It does not really take a lot of programming and coding skills because it comes with all the documentation that is needed to set up a dashboard. The dropdown elements in this template are more exceptional and more advanced than most of the themes out there.

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Azia Admin - Clean Bootstrap 4 Dashboard and Admin Template

azia admin clean bootstrap 4 dashboard admin template

If you want the glam to shine on your dashboard, Azia is the one for you. It has the simplicity to show you all the stats and also has the diversity to show in-depth details of your data. It has some of the most creative elements and design tools that make it an elegant choice for professional analysts.

If you set up any SaaS or any advertising service that needs live monitoring, it has real-time metrics so that everything is visualized nicely. This ultra-responsive template does not compromise anything to make it the best choice for the professional dashboard. There is hardly any element, cards, icons, buttons, or charts that you will not find in this template package.

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Adminator - Free HTML Bootstrap Simple Admin Template

adminator free html bootstrap simple admin template

Among all the bootstrap simple admin template free and straightforwardly designed dashboards, Adminator is one of the most favorites to the clients and developers. The features and elements it has are mostly standard. You will find a fully-featured map that has indicated all the countries and continents individually. The inbox design is just like the ideal ones that users are used to. Animated weather card is also an interesting combination of this minimal template style.

The main reason people love this theme is because of being clutterless. To get to the specific data feature, you will not have to go through a lot of features and procedures. Under the MIT License, you can install this easily on your dashboard.

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CoreUI - Quality Free Bootstrap Admin Theme

coreui bootstrap admin theme

Most of the free bootstrap templates do not really have the quality and elegant design, as CoreUI has. CoreUI is a combination of components and templates that you should look for if you are setting your dashboard for monitoring SaaS services and other populated services. Bootstrap 4 interface has been used all over through the elements that ensure the smoothest experience.

For making the loading screens interesting, it has smooth and nice loading screens that are combinedly called the spinning kit. If you are making interesting UI designs, drag and drop cards will make it cooler. In the widget library, you will never feel lagged because you will be getting more than 50 widgets to keep all the small details on the frontline.

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Shards - Free Material Design Simple Dashboard Template

shards free material design dashboard template

Shards are one heaven of a template that is based on white material design. To give it more significance, it has six accent colors to choose from including pallets. For a more aesthetic look, it has shadows on all the cards and elements.

This template is mainly dedicated to the blogging experts who want the charm in their sites. You can add different kinds of forms, buttons, and switches to make the design more dramatic. As added functionality, you can add collapsing components in the corners to check inboxes, notifications, or other features.

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Target - Responsive Admin Panel Template

target responsive admin panel template

Target is a super responsive admin panel template that does not lag any of the things that a professional set should have in its repository. It's a simple dashboard HTML template that has all the things on the front. The header has all the necessary things like inbox, task scheduler, notifications, and the profile section that every dashboard has.

The main advantage of this template is that all of the components in this are responsive that makes it friendly to use on mobile devices. Multi dropdown elements on the sidebar expand the creativity. You can also easily make forms using the provided ingredients for form creation.

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Sleek Dashboard - Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template and UI Kit

sleek admin dashboard template

For both presentations and analytics, you will not be able to find a better alternative than this one. The beautiful transitions on all of the modules are there to impress anyone. For better team management, it has a chatting application and three more additional applications to help you get more out of your admin panel experience. You will get a separate team management panel where you will be able to check project progress and other progressions.

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Stisla - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

stisla free bootstrap admin template

With all the documentation and user guide, you can easily set up this rich-designed template with a lot of colorful cards and widgets. When you install this on your site, you will get two pre-arranged templates that are specially made for commercial and general usage.
For e-commerce business and home delivery services, Stisla comes in handy for the customer executives and is also comfortable for the decision-makers. It has small graph cards that you can assign on the front page. The graphs are minimal to look at. They show the rates of growth and fall along with other information at a glance.

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Sing App - Free and Open Source Admin Dashboard Template

sing app free and open source admin dashboard template

With stunning visual details and luxurious design, Sign-app Lite is one heaven of a template for your admin panel. For keeping all your important details in front, it has graphs that are super responsive, intuitive, and very easy to operate.

The sidebar has adequate space and elements to show the status of server CPU usage and other conditions. You can change the accented colors of the sidebar and top navigation panel. The widgets are fully detailed so that you get all the information with just a glance on the main dashboard screen. An all-time updating graph is also a super handy feature to keep on your dash for live monitoring.

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Tabler - Free and Open-Source HTML Dashboard UI Kit

tabler free open source html dashboard ui kit

Tabler looks just like a website that is made with the view of formality and simplicity. The whole theme has a blue accent to it so that it does not look any off or distracting to the eyes. The customization capability of this template is insane, without very basic knowledge of bootstrap or JavaScript, you can set up your console.
You can set up your dash to a dark theme, or light theme. Every small detail of this template is customizable, and they are precise for better monitoring. The small cards are even precise to pinpoint parameters so that you have accurate tracking of them.

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HOGO - Responsive Bootstrap Simple Admin Panel Template

hogo responsive bootstrap simple admin panel template

This one is for the people who want everything, and yet they want a bang for the buck. Hogo is a beautiful-looking dashboard with a lot of templates set up when purchasing. All the animation and cards look super elegant because of drop shadow effects and detailed representation.

In almost all of the dashboard templates, you will find an automatic scrolling section that is an exceptional addition to the admins. With good knowledge about bootstrap, you can set up an advanced admin panel with Hogo templates that you can not prepare using other models.

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Solic - Bootstrap Responsive HTML Simple Admin Panel Theme

solic bootstrap responsive html simple admin panel theme

Functions and elements are never a negotiation on this template. Small-sized cards on Solic are detailed enough so that you get to see if your campaign, package, or advertisement is doing well online or not. For work efficiency and more calculation in a short time, it has calculative charts. If you are looking for a template for an e-commerce console, this should be a great choice because of having dedicated pages for controlling and editing products and sales online. With the modules, you can even design the front ends of your website that are focused on online buying and selling.

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Indoui - HTML Simple Admin Panel Template

indoui html simple admin panel template

Indoui equips both the left menu and horizontal configuration that expands the usability. The whole theme is responsive that you can use on all devices, including mobile and tablets. For styling and more aesthetics, you can set the background to the main background and the sidebars. Collapse and explanation animations are elegant and swift for making it more beautiful to the eyes.

You can use these on blogs, surveys, and more content-oriented sites and both commerce websites because it has all of the necessary pages and modules included in the package. It does not also take a lot to modify them to be regulated by your data.

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SimpleAdmin - Minimal Admin Panel & Dashboard Template

simple admin minimal admin panel and dashboard template

The compact design of SimpleAdmin is a charm stealer to minimalist users. You will get four kinds of layout prebuilt template sites that are enough for your next big website. These are all responsive to the screen size, including phones and tablets. For more convenience, you can also set these up to the right weighted mode so that all of the users can get the best experience from the templates. To make it more soothing, you will find two types of loading animations. Proper paginations, button configurations, and loading bars have been designed with keeping the relation of design and aesthetics.

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Ubold - Simple Admin Panel & Dashboard Template

ubold simple admin panel and dashboard template

For the bold style and bold movement, you can never find a better alternative than Ubold. It has everything that you will need for your blog, article, or e-commerce website. This has all the elements that you will ever need for your dashboard.

For your project, you will get five important and essential applications like calendars, tickets, and other team management tools. This makes your workflow fast and reliable. The front looks minimal and straightforward. You will also get some of the prebuilt samples that are simple yet useful for your projects. For customer relationship management, this is the best tool to install on your admin panel.

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Stack - Clean Responsive Bootstrap 4 Simple Admin Panel Template

stack clean responsive bootstrap 4 simple admin panel template

In terms of flexibility, Stack is tough to beat. Stack has its place on fitness measuring to CRM and analytics and other sectors. You will get four templates for four purposes, and you can even set them up for different usage.
For fun, you can add animated cards for weather, social media, and other interesting parameters. There are nine templates made inside of the package that does not need a lot of tweaking to get your job done. Timelines have been implemented on these themes in an interesting manner that opens up the aesthetic part of your boring work life.

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Able Pro - React Redux Simple Admin Panel Template

able pro react redux simple admin panel template

The possibility of the Able template is endless, and with the variation of HTML, CSS, and React, you can set up your best responsive control panel easily. You can not only change the sidebars, the top panel, bottom navigation buttons, and all the color accents can be changed with simple tweaks.

You can change the background image to your choice so that you don't get bored by the solid color options all the time. The sale dashboard does have separately customizable graphs that make the monitoring easy and straightforward.

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Dashforge - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Simple Admin Panel Template

dashforge responsive bootstrap 4 simple admin panel template

With white as the background color and blue as the accented color, the overall design can be called an ideal design for minimalists. All the modules like graphs, maps, cards, and lists have straight borders that make it relaxed to look at. The overall design and separate modules have been specially made for making it more usable for cryptocurrency and helpdesk management.

For website analytics, it has detailed charts and graphs to show individual parameters with corresponding graphs. Even the small graph cards have been designed in a way that the parameters are highlighted on the top.

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Codebase - Bootstrap 4 Simple Admin Panel Template

codebase bootstrap 4 simple admin panel template

Codebase is a full package with a welcome screen, top layered forms, and many more to inspire you. The total package is full of a lot of widgets, and blocks. There are even some of the statistic widgets that have changeable backgrounds to identify quickly. If you want to set up a media-related website or blogging site, it also has some of the elements that are super simple and ready to be used on the websites. For user verifications, you will get a ton of pages and forms that you can choose according to your theme.

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Espire - Bootstrap 4 & Angular 9 Simple Admin Panel Template

espire bootstrap 4 and angular 9 admin panel template

Espire does not have a lot of cluttering features and a lot of widgets that can sometimes confuse the developers. The cards and tables you will find in this package are of the grid size that is set by default in this template.
In the UI elements, you will find several floating modals that look super minimal and beautiful when popped up. These are mainly used for collecting email addresses for subscriptions. Several progress bars and draggable sliders can also be found in this package that makes your boring dashboard cool and enjoyable to use.

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Frest - Laravel Bootstrap Simple Admin Panel Template

frest laravel bootstrap admin panel template

If you are an advanced developer and you don't want to compromise anything on your dashboard, Frest is the one for you. It is an advanced template that has the support of Laravel and HTML and yet looks super minimal for modern users. In the design aesthetics, they have added clean ad clear cards that are super responsive that can also be used on mobile phones. The sidebar animations make it more intuitive to the users and keep it hooked up to the customers. The animations and actions on this theme are unreplaceable for the others in the market.

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QuantumPro - Bootstrap Simple Admin Panel Template

quantumpro bootstrap simple admin panel template

No matter which device you are, QuantumPro keeps you hooked up with the responsive manner and prebuilt dashboards. For ease of viewing and use, you can set up the sidebars and menus to your choice like auto-hide, small and large configurations. There are hundreds of widgets that will help you with e-commerce support and logging sales and revenue. The color pallet will make sure that every control and element are separated from each other and easy for you to identify. The amazing calendar and email application are the main reason your workflow might get a boost.

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