40+ Best Nextjs Templates For 2024 (Free & Premium)

By Mehedi Sharif|Update: 20 Jan, 2024|17 Mins read
40+ Best Nextjs Templates For 2024 (Free & Premium)

Next.js is a popular JavaScript framework for creating server-side rendered web applications. While the Next.js framework is stable and well-supported, developers are always on the lookout for new templates and extensions that can help them create even better applications. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best Nextjs templates that are expected to emerge in 2024. So that you won’t have to create the project from the scratch.

We'll also discuss the benefits of using these templates and how they can help you streamline your development process. So without further ado, let's get started!

Nextjs Business, Agency and SaaS Templates

Spydea - NextJs SaaS Template

spydea nextjs template

Spydea is a modern SaaS website template. It is built with NextJs and TailwindCSS, making it fast, responsive, and easy to customize. Spydea comes with over 17 pages, so you have everything you need to create a stunning website.

Key Features

  • 17+ fully responsive pre-built pages
  • 95+ Google page speed score
  • Made with HTML5 and Tailwind CSS v3.0
  • Netlify & Vercel setting pre-configured
  • No jQuery. Only Vanilla JavaScript
  • Simple and easy development environment setup
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Animate on scroll
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Andromeda NextJs - NextJs SaaS Landing Page Template

andromeda nextjs template

Andromeda is a multi-purpose SaaS landing page template that can be used to showcase any SaaS product with elegance and functionality.

The template is built with TailwindCSS and NextJs, making it highly customizable and optimized for speed and performance. It comes packed with features, including:

  • 16+ Unique Pages
  • Fast by default (95+ Google PageSpeed Score)
  • Built with Nextjs and Tailwind CSS
  • Netlify and Vercel setting pre-configured
  • Multi-Author
  • Video Showcase
  • Write and update content in Markdown / MDX
  • Simple and easy development environment setup
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Animate on scroll
  • Free Update and Lifetime Premium Support
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Visionex NextJs - Best NextJs Premium SaaS Theme

Best NextJs Premium SaaS Theme

Visionex is the ultimate SaaS theme specifically designed for SaaS companies. If you are a SaaS company looking for a modern and professional theme to showcase your products, this theme is the perfect choice for you.  With over 10 pre-built pages, Visionex makes it easy to present your products and services to the world. The theme is built using NextJs and TailwindCSS, ensuring top-notch performance.

Key Features:

  • 15+ Unique Pages
  • Highly customizable (Color, Font, Menu, Social Links, SEO Meta Tags, etc.)
  • 95+ Google PageSpeed Score (Desktop)
  • Built with NextJs & Tailwind CSS framework
  • Contact form support
  • Taxonomy support
  • Support OG image
  • Support Disqus Comments
  • Fully responsive on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • SEO Friendly
  • No jQuery. Only Vanilla JavaScript
  • Clean folder structure
  • Simple and easy development environment setup
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Free Google fonts
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Lifetime free updates
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Visionex Nextjs is also available in Astro Tailwind Version. Check here - Visionex Astro

Bigspring Nextjs - Best Nextjs Business Template

best nextjs business template

Bigspring is a modern, responsive business template built with Nextjs. It features a clean, minimal design and includes pre-designed pages such as a homepage, pricing, blog, blog single, contact and FAQs. This theme is ideal for SaaS and marketing websites.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable (Color, Font, Menu, Social Links, SEO Meta Tags, etc.)
  • Fast by default (95+ Google PageSpeed Score)
  • Netlify setting pre-configured
  • Contact form support
  • Pricing table
  • Support OG image
  • Built with Nextjs and TailwindCSS
  • Fully responsive on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • SEO Friendly
  • Clean folder structure
  • Simple and easy development environment setup
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Free Google fonts
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Clean code
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Bigspring Light Nextjs - Best Nextjs Business Template

best nextjs business template

Bigspring is a web development business template built in Nextjs. It is a very stylish, responsive, and ready-to-use templates. With its clean, simple, and professional layouts and attractive elements and features this theme is suited for all kinds of Agencies like Creative Agency, Marketing Agency, Design Studios, Digital Marketing Agencies, Saas, and other business service websites. This theme has a very creative and well-decorated landing page, Blog page, Contact page, Pricing page, and many more.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable (Color, Font, Menu, Social Links, SEO Meta Tags, etc.)
  • Fast by default (95+ Google PageSpeed Score)
  • Netlify setting pre-configured
  • Contact form support
  • Built with NextJs and TailwindCSS
  • Fully responsive on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • SEO Friendly
  • No jQuery. Only Vanilla JavaScript
  • Clean folder structure
  • Simple and easy development environment setup
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Free Google fonts
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Clean code
  • Free Updates
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Jumpx - Nextjs Responsive Startup Business Template

jumpx nextjs it startup template

Jumpx is a clutterless responsive React template ideal for IT firms or next-generation technology startups. It is indeed a good option for people and with startup business efforts, IT solutions, web marketing services, upcoming startup businesses, etc.  Moreover, you can utilize this template for Mobile apps, software, SaaS product, and any business agency.

This template has RTL feature enabled, which allows you to use Arabic and Hebrew languages on your site. Jumpx is a convincingly fast, lightweight, and standard template that contains W3 standard source code. You can effortlessly customize the template using the available documentation.


  • Created with React 18+, Next JS 12+, Bootstrap 5.1.3 & Sass
  • 29+ page variations
  • with RTL-ready template (5 demo page variations )
  • Smooth transition effects
  • FontAwesome & Flaticon available
  • Firebase Hosting Enabled
  • Detailed Documentation
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Bariton - Nextjs Business Template

bariton react nextjs template

Bariton is a clutterless and fully responsive business template based on React Next. It is crafted with ReactJS, NextJS, Bootstrap, and Sass, including Firebase hosting setup. The theme looks eye-catching on both desktop and mobile devices.

This theme offers various demo niches, including AI & Machine learning, Data Science, Startups, Agencies, IT solution companies, etc. Besides, this highly customizable theme is lightweight and contains W3 valid source code. You will get detailed documentation as well as support while using this template.


  • Based on ReactJS, NextJS, SaaS & Bootstrap 5.1.3
  • 8 Demo variation pages are available
  • Lucrative transition effect.
  • RTL ready for Arabic and Hebrew Languages
  • Offers 34+ pre-built pages
  • Firebase Hosting Enabled
  • FontAwesome & Flaticon integrated
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Raxr - NextJs Agency Website Template

raxr nextjs saas template

People searching for a template for Data Science and Data analytics startups must try out this theme. The template is ideal for various categories, including machine learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data-centric Applications, servers, and business agencies.

This theme comes with RTL support for Arabic and Hebrew languages. However, the theme is lightweight, clean, and offers massive customizability. You will get detailed documentation as well as rapid support for this template.


  • Based on React 18+, Next.js, Bootstrap 5.1.3 & Sass
  • 22+ pages available
  • RTL ready for Arabic and Hebrew languages (4 Demo)
  • Frequent updates available with top-notch support
  • Dynamic Contact form ready
  • Lightweight yet robust template
  • Detailed documentation and full support are available
  • Fully responsive and device-friendly
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Taiker - Nextjs Multipurpose Business Template

taiker nextjs agency template

Taiker is a fully responsive React template that is ideal for an online IT Business startup. The template is crafted with react, Next.js, Bootstrap, and Sass. It includes pre-built homepage demos for Creative Agencies, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Big Data Solutions, IT Startup, SEO Agencies, SaaS Agency, AI & Machine Learning, Portfolio, and more. The template also includes some attractive inner pages with blog and blog details pages. It looks awesome both on desktop and mobile devices. Since it is RTL enabled, using Arabic and Hebrew language is easier. Furthermore, the theme is highly customizable and includes detailed documentation.


  • Created with React 18+,  Next.js 12+, Bootstrap 5.1.3+ & Sass
  • 40+ Pre-built pages available
  • Continuous updates and top-notch support
  • Fully responsive
  • Dynamic Contact Form available
  • Single and multipage template
  • Lightweight theme with a clutter-free design
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Haiper - Online Banking, Finance and Payment Solutions Website Template

haiper nextjs online banking payment solution template

Haiper is an ideal React template for Online Banking and Payment Solutions. It's a fully responsive template with demo inner page variations. You will get a Live exchange rates calculation based on USD.

This template is perfect for creating websites for Banking, Payment Gateway, Financial agencies, Loan providers, online money transactions, digital banking, etc. Since the template is RTL feature enabled, you can easily use Arabic and Hebrew languages with ease. Moreover, It has thorough documentation and is readily customizable.


  • Based on React 17+, Next.js 12+, Bootstrap 5.1.3 & Sass
  • 6+ demo pages available
  • Live exchange rates (USD) calculation available
  • Dynamic Contact Form available
  • Single page & multi-page template
  • Lightweight and fast theme
  • Packed with a smooth transitional effect
  • FontAweosome and Flaticon integrated
  • Customized slider available
  • Retina-ready & responsive template
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Treemium - Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Template

treemium nextjs template

Treemium is a NextJS template ideal for creating any cryptocurrency exchange website . It is perfect for setting up Sign in, Sign-up, Phone & ID card verification, OTP verification, debit & credit card settings, profiles, etc.

This template offers essential pages which you can utilize for buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrency. You will get a fully designed landing page, Dashboard, Buy and Sell, Accounts, Profile, History, and many more.


  • 20+ Pre-built Pages
  • Built with NextJS
  • Fully Responsive pages
  • Complete Documentation
  • SCSS-based CSS framework
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StartP - Nextjs Startup and Digital Agency Website Template

startp nextjs startup digital agency template

StartP is an IT Startup & Digital Agency Template that is based on React, NextJS, and Bootstrap. This template was specially made for those who want to provide IT solutions and software services online. You will get unique design variations for home and inner pages for website creation. The template comes with a mobile-first design that looks stunning on both desktop and mobile devices. You will be a fan of the StartP if you are looking for a template related to eCommerce, mobile apps, AI, Machine learning, IoT, PC repairing services, digital marketing, etc. Moreover, the template is nicely coded, highly customizable, and RTL enabled.


  • Built with react.js v18+, Next.js v12.1.4, Redux, Bootstrap 5.1.3+
  • Product dynamic routing, internationalized routing support
  • 10+ pre-built Homepage Variations
  • 43+ page variations available
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • Shop page available with a checkout option
  • Stripe Payment options are available
  • Lucrative and customized slider
  • Detailed documentation available
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Samar- Next Js Corporate Template

next js corporate template
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Gible - Nextjs NFT Marketplace Template

gible nextjs NFT and Crypto marketplace template

Gible is an ideal template for the NFT Crypto Art Digital Assets Marketplace website. The template is also pertinent for NFT collectibles, world buying selling, crypto art, digital art, and DeFi website. The Gible static and Gible dynamic versions of the project are both accessible online in the download bundle. Moreover, this SEO-friendly design has rich documentation that makes it highly customizable.


  • Created with ReactJS, Next.js, Strapi CMS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap,
  • Does not have any jQuery dependencies
  • 3+ home page variations available
  • Available both in Static and CMS versions
  • NFT management available
  • Functional pagination
  • Flawless transitional effects
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Nextjs Blog Templates

Bookworm Light - Nextjs Blog Template

best nextjs blog template

Bookworm light is a free Nextjs Blog Template. This template is suitable for creating any type of blogging website. It's a highly customizable blog template for any blog genre, including lifestyle, photography, travel, health & fitness, and so on.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Author support
  • Supports Contact Form
  • Search Functionality
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Semantic HTML Document Structure
  • Custom Logo Support
  • Includes All SCSS Files
  • Image Optimized With Next/image
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Hydrogen Nextjs - Best Nextjs Personal Blog Templates

Best Nextjs Personal Blog Templates

Hydrogen is a minimal starter template for creating a personal blog website using NextJs and Tailwind. It is highly customizable and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to quickly set up a minimal blog.

Key Features:

  • Support for a contact form
  • 100% responsive design
  • Semantic HTML document structure for improved search engine optimization
  • Custom logo support
  • All SCSS files for customization
  • Image optimization with Next/image for faster loading times and improved performance
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Geeky Nextjs - Free Nextjs & Tailwind CSS Blog Template

geeky nextjs tailwind template

Geeky is the ultimate theme for tech-savvy website owners looking to upgrade. With a trendy and user-friendly design, it is built on Next.js and Tailwind. Enjoy lightning-fast speed, top-notch SEO, and effortless customization with Next.js. Features include customizable page layouts, stunning typography, and a variety of color options. Choose Geeky for a modern, polished website that stands out from the crowd.

Key Features:

  • Google Page Speed score 100! (Desktop)
  • Supports Contact Form
  • Dark mode
  • Search Functionality
  • Related Posts Suggestion
  • Disqus Comment Support
  • Newsletter Support
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Stories - NextJs Personal Blog Template

stories - nextJs personal blog template
More Info Demo

Qurno - Minimal NextJs Blog Template

qurno - nextJs minimal blog template
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Free NextJs Tailwind Starter Blog Template

free nextjs tailwind starter blog template
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Nextjs Ecommerce Website Templates

PickBazar - Nextjs E-commerce Website Template

pickbazar eCommerce template

Skip the hefty process of creating your online shop from the ground up. Enjoy a smooth start with Pickbazar if you are in the middle of selecting the perfect NextJS template for your eCommerce project. With this outstanding and flexible template, you can provide a faster user experience for your customers.

Pickbazar offers all the eCommerce functionalities that are currently trending on the web. You will get a lot of demo templates to display almost any sort of product that you want to sell online. Moreover, you will get dashboard & internal page layouts, login, and checkout system that works flawlessly. The overall design is minimal yet effective when it comes to product showcasing.


  • Developed with GraphQL and NextJS
  • 5+ fully designed demo templates
  • 5+ dashboard elements
  • Rest API integrated using React query
  • Built-in components made with Tailwind CSS and Typescript
  • SSR support for creating scalable applications (Shop Front)
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Shoponix - Next.js Multi-vendor Ecommerce website Template

shoponix ecommerce template

Shoponix is a React and Next.js powered multi-vendor eCommerce template that is fully functional and ready to use. This API-based template is built using React & NextJS, MongoDB, and semantic UI react.

This robust template comes with a fully functional roll-based Admin dashboard for the root users, admin users, and general users. Also, this template features sign-up, log-in, pagination, payment gateway (stripe), and many more pages. The store management dashboard gives you all the required functions to manage multi-vendor online shopping.


  • API-based Multi-Vendor eCommerce Template
  • Built with React 17+, Next.js 11, Mongo DB,
  • Easily customizable code
  • Offers detailed documentation and well-commented code
  • 5+ Demo templates (Grocery shop, Covid19 Store, Electronics store. And more)
  • Store Management panel available
  • Comes with Stripe Payment, MongoDB, and Cloudinary
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MedQ - Nextjs Medical Shop E-Commerce Template

medq nextjs medical ecommerce template

MedQ is a clutter-free React & NextJS-based fully functional Medical template specially designed for Emergency Medical Supply eCommerce Shop. Users will get a flexible checkout option due to Stripe Payment gateway integration.

The template offers User Signup, Login, Two User type roles, Pagination, Dynamic & checkbox Search option, Dynamic Routing, etc. The Admin dashboard of this template will enable you to manage products or inventory as well as other features. Moreover, the detailed documentation of this theme will allow you to customize the theme flexibly.


  • Created using React, Next.js, MongoDB, Stripe, Bootstrap 5.x
  • 5+ beautiful crafted demo variations
  • RTL included for Arabic and Hebrew language
  • Dynamic Contact Form available
  • Admin Dashboard to maintain various processes
  • Fully responsive with Retina ready visual experience
  • Dynamic & Checkbox search
  • Payment Gateway with Stripe
  • User signup, login, logout
  • User types such as admin and customer
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ChawkBazar - Nextjs Lifestyle Ecommerce Template

 chawkbazar nextjs ecommerce template
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Molla - React Nextjs eCommerce Template

molla nextjs ecommerce template
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bonik nextjs ecommerce template
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Nextjs Admin Website Templates

Modernize - Next Js Admin Dashboard (Premium)

Modernize Next Js Admin Dashboard

Modernize Next Js Admin Dashboard is a premium template that allows you to create eye-catching web apps. Using this dashboard template, you can visualize your website analytics. This makes task and team management more effortless.

It is a customizable template with several pre-built components, charts, and page templates. This template comes with 1 year of premium support and free updates. You can create a Chat app, Calendar app, User profile, Email app, and more.

Key Features

  • Slick Carousel
  • 3400+ font icons
  • 45+ UI components
  • 65+ page templates
  • 6 theme colors
  • Detailed documentation
  • Figma design files
  • Easy folder structure
  • Organized code structure
  • Hassle-free setup process
  • Axios mock API & RTL ready
  • Powerful React i18 framework
  • Code splitting and Google fonts
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Modernize - Free Next Js Admin Template

Modernize Free Next Js Admin Template

As the name suggests, Modernize Free Next Js is a free admin dashboard template. It allows you to effortlessly monitor and optimize your business performance. With this dynamic admin dashboard template creating a modern-looking web app is a piece of cake. It is highly customizable, developer-friendly, and very easy to use.

This Next Js template comes with free community support. It is one of the most popular and top-rated Next Js admin templates due to its sleek design elements and several amazing features.

Key Features

  • Next Js 13+ and React 18+
  • Code splitting and Google fonts
  • 1 basic dashboard design
  • Redux toolkit and Material UI
  • Easy folder structure
  • Simple login and register page
  • Organized code structure
  • Free forever MIT license
  • Hassle-free setup process
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Next.Js Material Dashboard - Premium NextJs Admin Template

nextjs material dashboard

Get your development off to a good start with the latest admin template for NextJs.  You will get up and running with the development of dashboards in no time at all.  The admin dashboard will surely win your heart if you are a fan of the material design of Google with better user engagement |

This premium NextJS dashboard offers pre-built sections and components. Therefore, the process of development will go off without a hitch, and transitioning from a template to the actual website will not be difficult at all.


  • Fully coded 150+ front-end elements
  • All the components come with color variation
  • Premium NextJS dashboard contains pre-built sections and components
  • Complex documentation available with detailed explanation for each element
  • With pre-built pages, you can quickly launch your product right away.
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Notus NextJS - Free Tailwind CSS & Nextjs UI Kit and Admin

notus - nextjs tailwind css ui kit and admin

Notus NextJS is basically a Free Tailwind CSS template created with the NexstJs admin and UI kit. You will be amazed by its tremendous features and tools. It includes numerous components to create an amazing website.  The components can take different forms when it comes to color.

Since all the elements are implemented, you can save a lot of time and create a fully functional site in no time. As a result, the development process becomes smooth, and switching one from another becomes a lot easier.


  • A notable amount of fully coded CSS-based components
  • 3 sample pages that are fully coded
  • Components are compatible with each other.
  • 100+ fully coded components that provide design flexibility
  • Dynamic Components for React, NextJS, Vue, and Angular
  • Rich documentation
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Ample - NextJS Admin Dashboard Template

ample- nextjs admin dashboard

Ample is a next.js and redux-based Admin Dashboard template that you must try out. With this template, you can create an outstanding look for your web app. It has become really popular due to its flexibility and user experience.

You will get a variety of components by purchasing this responsive react admin dashboard template. Besides, you will get a range of color schemes, page templates, dashboard options, and many more that are already popular among developers.


  • 5+  unique demo homepage variants
  • 7+ unique dashboard demos
  • 6 color skins are available
  • 300+ font icons available Range Slider Available
  • Data table export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Chart and tables available
  • Dark and Light sidebar themes
  • React Redux toolkit available
  • RTL ready theme
  • Widgets and UI components are available
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Xtreme - NextJs Admin Template

xtreme - nextjs admin template

Xtreme NextJS admin template is a sophisticated Nextjs CMS or web app template based on React Framework. It is a premium NextJS dashboard template that comes with dark & light sidebar templates, numerous components, unique demo templates, PSDs, RTL dashboard versions, and many more.

Since the template is fully responsive, it enables web applications to function smoothly across all platforms and browsers. The user experience is more engaging thanks to the template’s section of application designs that includes email, chat, calendar, store, ticket, and note apps. The thorough documentation of this template makes modification very simple. Additionally, you will get one year of dedicated support and updates.


  • 300+ UI components
  • 50+ Page templates available
  • 3000+ font icons available
  • 5+ Unique demos are available
  • 6 color skins are available
  • Charts and tables available
  • Sidebar themes in dark and light mode
  • RTL ready template
  • Validation forms available
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Next.Js Material Kit - Premium UI Kit For NextJS

nextjs material kit

NextJS material kit offers Material it and NextJS kit with a unique design that is inspired by Google’s material design. The template is a cool representation of the material concepts with a combination of some amazing components.

You will get multipurpose sections for team presentations to the pricing options. With example pages, you can jump-start your project right away. To take your project to the next level, the material UI components have been reshaped. Furthermore, you will get unique card designs, content elements, and even sections for your web project.


  • 1000 individual frontend element
  • 25+ ready-to-use sections
  • 10+ Example Pages to kickstart your project
  • Detailed documentation for all the elements
  • Unconventional card designs for displaying information
  • Redesigned material UI components
  • Additional classes with basic elements
  • Specific elements for content areas
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Monster - Nextjs Admin Template For Web Application

monster - nextjs admin dashboard template

The premium admin dashboard template Monster Nextjs Admin is built using the React Hooks and Redux Toolkit. With this template, you can flexibly construct amazing web apps and products. Also, you’ll get various pre-built components and features that will minimize your development effort.

This admin dashboard template is one of the ideal options for creating your project since it includes pre-made dashboard variations, color variations, page templates, charts & tables, forms, and more. Due to firebase integration, you will get the login interface before entering the dashboard. Using this template, you can create a CRM dashboard, health management app, warehouse management app, Analytical dashboard, and many more.


  • 5+ unique demo templates available
  • 3000+ font icons available
  • 300+ UI components included
  • 6 color skins included
  • RTL version of the dashboard is available
  • Validation forms included
  • Widgets and UI components included
  • Axios base apps included enabling API call
  • Charts & tables included
  • Redux toolkit available For store management
  • Firebase demo integrated
  • PSDs available for dashboard pages
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Next kit - Free Nextjs Template and UI Kit

nextkit - free nextjs ui kit

Next Kit is a NextJs-based UI web template that is completely free. With this template, you can craft beautiful websites, landing pages, home pages, coming soon pages, and more. It offers pre-made UI blocks & elements to assist in leveling up the design and attractiveness of the project.

One-level dropdown menus and an attractive grid are included in this template so that you may tweak the look and feel of it. Besides, the detailed documentation will speed up your development process even if you are not experienced in coding.


  • Created with the React Strap (bootstrap) and Next JS React Framework
  • 17+ pre-made UI blocks
  • 25+ necessary UI elements
  • Google Web Fonts available
  • Fully responsive and Retina ready template
  • Dropdown menu with One-level
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Flexy - Free NextJS Admin Template

flexy- admin dashboard template

Flexy is a free Next Js template that is crafted with a renowned framework named React Material UI. This web app's appearance and feel may be customized in the free version, thanks to its attractive grid architecture. It is a meticulously handcrafted basic admin template that features a contemporary and modular style.

People adore this react dashboard since it is renowned for delivering a smooth user experience while assisting in the execution of complicated needs. It rapidly provides UI components, imaginative pages, and an environment that is user-friendly.


  • Based on ReactJS and Material UI
  • 8+ pre-built UI component pages
  • Variety of in-built apps
  • Form Layouts available
  • 6 theme colors are available
  • RTL ready template
  • Google Web fonts are available
  • Fully responsive & retina ready
  • SCSS-based CSS framework
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Materialize- Next Js Typescript admin Template

next js typescript template
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Nextjs Portfolio Templates

Reton- Next Js Resume Template

next js resume template
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Tunis- Personal Portfolio NextJS Template

 tunis next js resume template
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Nextjs education website templates

e-Demy - Nextjs LMS Education and Online Courses Website Template

edemy nextjs education template

eDemy is a contemporary React NextJS template designed to craft Online training and Educational website. You can also create a website for online course authors, learning management systems, course providers, etc.

Stripe payment gateway is integrated with this Progressive Web App (PWA). You will get stunning demo homepage variations for various education and training niches. Since the template includes a Multilingual (i18n) feature, you can translate its default language. Moreover, this template offers Dynamic course management & video courses, multiple user types, etc.


  • Created using React.js 17+, Next.js 12+, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap (v5.1.x), Sass
  • 10+ beautifully crafted demo variations
  • Based on REST API
  • User type variations such as Admin, teacher, and student
  • CLI integrated for creating and migrating databases
  • Admin panel for approving or declining joining request
  • Instructors can create and edit course details
  • Instant payment option available for purchasing courses
  • Google font enabled
More Info Demo

Eduker - Nextjs Online Course & Education Template

eduker nextjs Online Course & Education Template
More Info Demo

Nextjs Landing Page Templates

Mojosa - Multipurpose Next.js Landing Page Template

mojosa nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

SuperProps - Next JS Landing Page Templates

superprops nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

Monst - NextJS Tailwind CSS landing page Template

monst nextjs landing page template
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Pungent - Next js Multipurpose Startup & Digital Agency Template

pungent nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

Quiety – Nextjs Software & IT Solutions Landing Page Template

quiety nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

Sasup – Nextjs Sass Landing Page Template

sasup nextjs landing page template
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agon nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

Appz – NextJS Template for Mobile App landing

appz nextjs landing page template
More Info Demo

Neoh - Nextjs NFT Portfolio and Landing Page Template

neoh nextjs landing page template
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qolle nextjs landing page template
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Nextjs Stater Template (Boilerplate)

Nextplate- Nextjs Tailwind CSS TypeScript Starter and Boilerplate

nextjs boilerplate
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Final Words

We hope your quest for finding the best Nextjs templates is finally completed. At this point, you might have already chosen one for your next project. These templates include features that would take a long time to develop if you do it from scratch. But we’ve piled up this list of curated themes that will ensure a unique user experience, SEO friendliness, latest technologies.

If you need assistance in getting started with Next.js or want to explore more options for templates, be sure to check out our other resources on the topic. We anticipate that they will assist you or your customer in expanding their organization as a consequence.

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